The doorbell? But I’m not expecting anyone…


Check that out! They look fantastic. I’m wearing my “Roslin ’08” shirt right now. Today I am picking up a printer for shipping labels and a postage scale. The plastic shirt envelopes I ordered to ship these in should arrive early next week. Once I have those, this batch will be heading out to all you Fancy Bastards. Thank you, again for your patience.

International FB’s, thank you for your contined patience since I have no idea when yours will actually arrive. All I know is that I will be sending them out with the North America shirts. I’ll post the date I  ship them on the site. Please let me know how long thy take to arrive so I can add international estimates to the Store FAQ.

Please send pictures of you wearing your shirts when they arrive. I’ll be posting them on the site soon. 

Would the Fancy Bastards fancy a Sharksplode shirt?

Based on reader suggestions (most recently from Orf) I’ve worked up some designs for a “Sharkslpode” t-shirt. Sharksploding originated from this comic, if you need a refresher course.

This one is using the art directly from the comic, so it’s either one or the other. I’m partial to the 3 panel version myself, because it tells a sharksplosion story.

I also think Im going to put up a version of “GYFB” with just the text on black. Thoughts?

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