New Geek T-Shirts (Battlestar Galactica, Apple, Star Trek “Don’t Phase Me, Bro”)

Check out the new shirts:

Rosilin ’08 (Guys and Girls Styles)

Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for Baltar. It’s time to do our Colonial duty and re-elect President Roslin. Not only did she save us from the Cylons like 100 times (Adama helped), but she’s also a reincarnated prophet or something.

Roslin 08 Battlestar Galactica Shirt

Don’t Phase Me, Bro! (Guys and Girls Styles)

Jean-Luc! What are you doing? I didn’t mean to drink the last Earl Grey, Bro. No Bro! Don’t phase me, Bro! AHHHH! AHHHGGGHH!!! THERE. ARE. FOUR. LIGHTS!

Seriously, Bro. Don’t phase me. Be a Bro, Bro.

Dont Phase me Bro Shirt

iPwn3d Shirt (Guys and Girls Styles)

Did you pwn3? Was there pwn4ge? Do you want everyone to know? Raise your head high and tell them, “iPwn3d.”

iPwn3d Apple iPhone Parody Shirt