Questions for Podcast #11 “Male Sack”

Leave your questions in the comments for the next podcast. We typically record Sunday afternoon, so try and have them in by then.

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  1. Question for Joel: What happened with the AppleInsider Comic? You did like one or two and that was it. I thought it was funny, which is what brought me to your site. I'm guessing there was some kind of disagreement that happened between you and AI. If it makes you feel better you got at least one new reader out of it! Keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. Knowing that they rewrite the whole 4th season, how do you guys think bsg will end?
    I figure it will be something along the lines of "earth comes into view, they all see it, and then everyones happy, the end." Which would be suitable in my opinion,
    but then again, the governments of the world might just launch a crap load of missiles at them.
    It might also be interesting if they arrived in a previous time period.

    So, what do you guys think?

  3. I have a question… if you had to take any two characters from BSG and have them fight to the death…. who would they be?
    Better yet, which would you rather be forced to do… watch the Star Wars Christmas special or read Harry Potter/Frodo Baggins slash fanfiction written by a 14 year old AOL user. Remember, the gun to the head IS loaded.

  4. oh, I'm so drained! I can't think of anymore questions!

    uhh, uhh….what's your view on hipsters? especially indie chicks with them thick rimmed glasses?

    also, what are some of your favorite bands? Any bands with Texas flavor?

    I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel, yes.

  5. What do you guys think of Kevin Smith? Are his movies good? Not good? Is he living the ultimate geek life? Is making $5 million movies that gross $26 million a good idea?

  6. Josh: How the FUCK are you ranked as high you are in GHIII with fingers that short? I'm beginning to think there's more to that Shiva-esque panel in whichever comic it was than I may have originally thought.

    Josh/Eli (and Joel, too, why not): As game industry insiders and/or fancy bastards, what does the dichotomy of blatant homoeroticism on some gaming-specific websites and frothing homophobia during online play (I'm looking at you, XBL) look like? I don't get either mindset, and have often wondered what people working on games think of the social dynamics that sprout up around them. P.S. Please stop making WWII games. P.P.S. HOW STOKED ARE YOU TO BE WORKING ON THE ALIENS FRANCHISE W00!!!

  7. Why does Mitchell Hurwitz feel he can keep Arrested Development from the people? Where is he now since he made the decision to end the last brilliant incarnation of American TV comedy? I assume he now sleeps in a gutter and/or is Ron Howard's power gimp…

  8. This is a question for everyone, Joel talked about how he keeps watching Smallville even though it's made of ridiculously long lasting terrible. What is one show that you are glad is no longer on the air because it kept getting worse but you stuck with it?

    This is for Eli, Joel had mentioned before that you were the big comic fan in the group. I was wondering what were the 10 comics you look forward to the most every month? Follow up, what is the one comic that you feel people aren't reading that they should?

  9. If you guys could hang out with anyone from the Whedon-verse (aside from Whedon himself), who would it be (character or actor)? If you could be in any Whedon show, which would you be in and in what role?

  10. So did you guys actually watch country-singing George Takei? Because not many people did apparently. "Secret Lives of the Stars" was canceled after one episode.

  11. I'm a big Whedon fan and I just started watching Buffy on your recommendation. By the way, is the best thing everz if you haven't heard of it yet. Anyway, I'm about halfway through season one and the Hellmouth is causing all sorts of ruckus. I would assume that Buffy closes the Hellmouth at some point in the series. My question is, if the show were juxtaposed with Firefly so that River were the main character instead of Buffy (River the Vampire Slayer, as it were), do you think it would take River longer than twenty seconds to close the hellmouth? Also, would she make sweet love to Giles? Please answer as if Samwise were posing these questions to Mr. Frodo. A constipated treebeard may guest-star. Go

  12. do any of you guys use Muxtape? It's a social mixtaping service that's all online, and gotta be pushing some sort of legal boundary.

    If you guys use it, can you post your muxtape links? We'd like to see what sort of music you guys are into, besides 90's alt-rock bands.

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