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  1. (You can just call me YT if it makes it easier)
    Two things

    Could you replay the Josh & Eli theme songs so I can get a clean cut for the Wiki?
    Are there any "professional" wrestling fans in the cast?

  2. This question is a two-parter, but they aren’t related to each other.

    Question the first is for Joel, and maybe Josh and Eli, I’m not sure: I know you’re a big Coheed & Cambria fan, have you checked out Neverender: Children of the Fence? I seriously am considering buying the 8-disc box set version, which is about $170 here in Canadia-land.

    Secondly, have you guys checked out the new-ish Nathan Fillion show Castle? Or any of his work post Firefly/Serenity for that matter? I personally recommend Waitress and Slither.

    Lastly, not a question, but simply, how rad-some is this?:

  3. A friend of mine sent this to me, and I suggest you all read it. It made me think. I hope Josh is on the cast tonight.


    This comic is pure gold. It taught me many important facts such as, "The anal wall is only one cell thick," and what various dirty, depraved sex acts homosexuals like to preform. It's only a 20 page preview, which is kind of sad. It stops right before the chapter on AIDS.

    • Some of the facts are incorrect, for instance the term "gay" was not elected as a new term for homosexuality at some meeting, it had been used to refer to happy, and therefore sinful habits since the nineteenth century (fucken Victorians) and slipped naturally into the vernacular. All that meeting did was elect it as the PC term, kinda stupidly.

      Oh, and a lot of those statistics are inaccurate, and obviously all the stupid sex acts they cite are practiced by people of both genders and all sexual orientations. We could be here all week if we discussed why some are more common in homosexuals.

  4. Just wondering what the groups' definition of "geek" is:

    Is one still considered a geek if they enjoy some of the more common geeky interests (sci-fi, comics, fantasy, etc.) but have an intense dislike for another?

    Example: I love me some science fiction, comics, and video games, but I cannot stand any brand of fantasy. I've read and watched Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and some other stuff that some friends have exposed me to and I've liked none of it. Magic just doesn't do it for me. (I do, however, like Star Wars). Additionally, an old roommate of mine hated most of these. He moaned and groaned at the slightest mention of Star Trek or Battlestar, didn't like fantasy, liked comics in movie form, and played the living hell out of his video games. Is it fair to call us "true" geeks. or are we just half-assed poser geeks?

  5. Have you guys seen Krod Mandoon? (I refuse to learn the alt-#### for umlauts) It kills me with funnies. The antagonist is hilarious. Somehow the extremely tired gay-jokes are funny in that context.

    Also, I really hope Kazuo enjoyed those comics ironically. They are full of Chic-tract level lulz, but if you read them and say they "made me think" you probably weren't using your brain, or aren't anymore.

  6. A question for Eli and or Josh, what are your thoughts on the Gearbox game Borderlands recent change in art from realistic to cell shaded? Is it weird to have such a dramatic change of textures in the middle of development?

    Have you seen the SNL sketch "The Fast and the Bi-Curious" with Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg?

    I couldn't tell if this anti-gay marriage ad was real or just a parody, your thoughts? Some highlights "My freedom will be taken away", "I'm a parent helplessly watching schools teach my son that gay marriage is ok" and "But we have hope, a RAINBOW COALITION of every creed and colour are coming together in love to protect marriage"

    Have you seen the trailer for the anime Apocalypse Meow? (aka Cat Shit One, not porn, I promise!) Its the cutest rendition of the conflicts in the Middle East possible : Camels are middle easterners and Americans are rabbits.

    • I saw the triailer for Cat Shit One a while ago. It looks so awesome. I can't wait for it to start coming out!

    • Unfortunately, the NOM (National Organization for Marriage) ads are all too real.

      Colbert's parody of their ad tonight, however, was great. Now when people ask me how/when I knew I was gay, I'll just explain I got caught out in a homo-storm.

      • There name is NOM!? HAHA, and they want to form a rainbow coalition. LOL. Its getting even more difficult to believe this organization is legitimate.

        If any homosexuals really want to get married come on up to Canada, we've had it for a few years plus our banks aren't dropping like flies. 😀

      • I'm not sure, I've heard discrepencies between the two. Either way its a large departure from the more realistic art style they showed in an earlier trailer.

  7. Twitter will fail in the longrun because that kind of technology can only last for so long before it's outclassed by something more effective, like 140 chr braincasts through our ultrahelmets into spaceplanet.

  8. It has nothing to do with technology. It will simply lose it's flavor of the month status. Like MySpace did, like Digg did, like Facebook is (did?). Eventually the masses will leave for the next "cool" thing and only the "hardcore" users will be left. The reason why is always the same. About 1% of the people on the internet are actually contributing, creating software, art, literature, media, etc. The rest just mouth off, grandstand, criticize and try to be "cool" so they can catch their 15 seconds in the spotlight, typically at someone else's expense (you need look no farther then the trackback on Wednesday's comic for evidence of this). This is also why social networks need constant investment funding to survive, never have a profitable business model and get all their non-investment revenue from advertising or selling users personal information. There's nothing to monetize. It's just a bunch of people sitting around not really "doing" anything. It's the same reason why in high school one brand of jeans was cool one year and lame the next. There is no reason. It's just copy-cat "me too" consensus.

  9. The 2nd half is on the website, if you wanted to keep reading : ) Keep in mind this material is from 1986, and comes from a Right-wing conservative, and you should a get a pretty good idea of how accurate the facts are.

    That said, the whole thing reads like one of the Onion's faux-conservative editorial cartoons – gold indeed.

  10. At the risk of bringing too serious and adult a tone to the podcast, which I'm loathe to do, I'd like to pose the following question, as it relates to something I commented on above (not in question form).

    As HE has grown in popularity, how hard has it been to cope with the exponential growth of critics and general douche-baggery of the internets at large? Do you have any advice or tips for others who are in a similar position to you (creative, go-it-alone, self-employed types) for how to cope with the self-esteem crushing weight of everyone in the world knowing how to do your job better than you and their insatiable desire to tell you so?

      • Okay, it is back up again. Enjoy the madness.

        HARRY POTTER: Celebrity Jock thinks rules don’t apply to him, is right.
        LOLITA: Man encourages step-daughter to take chances.

  11. A few podcasts ago Josh mentioned that they're bringing back those Behind The Music specials about bands that blew up, flamed out or are still carrying on in some parody of their former greatness. The one about Britney Spears ought to be great.

    My question is: If the podcast was a crazy-popular rock band what would a "Behind the Podcast: Hijinks Ensue" special look like? What would the talking heads moments be all about? Who has the maddening habits that make life on the road difficult? Whose addiction leads to the bands inevitable break-up? Who goes on to make a forgettable solo project?

  12. Britney Spears had music to go behind? Besides, I think her trainwreck of a life is part of the depressingly intimate public record.

    Edit: The answers to all of your questions are Josh

  13. Joel, you've mentioned Ray Kurzweil on the podcast a couple times. I assume you read "The Singularity is Near" or "The Age of Spiritual Machines." Have you guys heard about the Kurzweil documentary Trancendent Man (<a href=”” target=”_blank”> ?

    I believe that most proposed technologies (genetic, nano, advanced AI, etc.) will probably be used as weapons before they ever see wide-spread social integration. Thoughts that the singularity might not happen because it's event-horizon might kill us first?

  14. To Eli – Why won't the hobbits get off the road?

    To everyone – Does size matter? You opened this can of worms by accepting questions of a sexual nature oh so many weeks ago.

  15. I'm a Lego geek (and a Lego CAD geek in particular). What are your favorite Lego themes – space, castle, city, etc? Do you have a favorite Lego space faction – Blacktron, M:Tron, Space Police, etc? If not, you should. Discussion of traditional Mexican or Philippine alternatives to the plastic Lego brick is acceptable.

  16. I'm a Lego geek (and a Lego CAD geek in particular). What are your favorite Lego themes – space, castle, city, etc? Do you have a favorite Lego space faction – Blacktron, M:Tron, Space Police, etc? If not, you should. Discussion of traditional Mexican or Philippine alternatives to the plastic Lego brick is acceptable.

  17. I'm a Lego geek (and a Lego CAD geek in particular). What are your favorite Lego themes – space, castle, city, etc? Do you have a favorite Lego space faction – Blacktron, M:Tron, Space Police, etc? If not, you should. Discussion of traditional Mexican or Philippine alternatives to the plastic Lego brick is acceptable.

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