Episode 2 – Country Fried Love 2: Porkchop Boogaloo

The HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast
The HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast
Episode 2 – Country Fried Love 2: Porkchop Boogaloo

Cast: Joel, Eli, Josh, Allison & Denise

Topics: 80’s Movies, Transformers, Brave Toasters
Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Hijinks Ensue PodcastShow Notes:

[00:59] Eli wants to harass people at Horror Con
[02:50] The Country Fried Live
[03:50] Josh gets naked for bread
[04:49] Waitress takes our orders (skip this)
[06:00] Mutants of the Deep
[06:55] Childhood trauma and “The Meaning of Life”
[07:39] The MonChiChis
[08:54] The monkey from “Project X
[10:26] “Flight of the Navigator” in HD
[12:58] “Space Camp
[14:00] “The Last StarFighter“/Clone High/
Dementia Waitress/ Delta Burke/ Video Game Crimes
[20:40] Josh has hand problems/ BACON!
[23:26] An Exercise in Narcissism
[25:00] Forbidden Robot Love/ Dinobots
[30:30] Transformers Gang Bang
[31:04] The New $20 Bill
[31:35] “The Brave Little Toaster
[34:14] “The Last Unicorn
[35:17] Back to the Brave Toaster!
[38:00] America: The Land of Electric Blankets and Freedom
[39:50] Dishwasher Cosplay

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