55 – Needle Juice, Needle Juice, Needle Juice!

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
55 - Needle Juice, Needle Juice, Needle Juice!

This is the new normal, Noise Bois. Staying inside, wearing pajamas all day, NOT playing guitars… AAAAAHHHGG!!!! Also Gary escaped quarantine. Anyway, here’s an entire episode of Noise Boi questioned getting answered.

    • How does time even work now?
    • Mum’s Bum Candles
    • Noise Bois are ordered to SFTH!
    • Technical difficulties
  • Disney World & Theme Parks
    • Avengers theme park?
    • A Metallica ride?
    • Dave Mustaine’s resurrected arm
  • Music in the next 10 years
    • Boy bands, Boyzone, East 17, O-Town, N’Sync, 98 Degrees
    • Attitude lady music
    • Is Gary a thirst trap?
    • Xanax Rap
    • Nü Metal vs. Retrowave
    • Fascists love Rick Astley
    • Billie Eilish is ASMR music
  • Does today’s hopeless generation make hopeless music?
  • Where is the guitar rock?
  • Song for the end of the world
    • An REM Classic re-enters the charts
    • Louis Armstrong, The Destroyer 
  • Animal Crossing vs. Doom Eternal
  • Bands performing online
    • Jimmy Johns Eat World
  • Wrestlemania with no audience
    • Online wrestling commentators 
    • Hulk Hogan the character vs. Hulk Hogan the person
  • Will bands delay albums due to the pandemic?
  • How are artists surviving?
    • How are road crews surviving?
  • Bois who say “brother”
  • Dave’s attic varmint troubles
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