46 – Limpity Bizkit’s A Series of Unfortunate Albums

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
46 - Limpity Bizkit’s A Series of Unfortunate Albums

This episode starts with a healthy dose of Nü Metal, but quickly diverts down the Retro Rabbithole as Dave and Joel are once again joined by Lemmy for a Rundown! See if you can spot your new favorite character at the very end of the episode. SPOILERS: His name is Steve Benkins – Band Usurper, and you love him with all your heart!

  • “Outside” by Aaron Lewis with special guest Fred Durst, live at Woodstock ‘99
  • Memories of Woodstock ‘94
  • Red Hot Chilli Lightbulb Heads
  • Maybe they shouldn’t have done a Woodstock ‘99
  • Needlessly Aggressive Nu-Metal
  • “Look At These Mudfuckers” by Green Day
  • The Matrix told everyone it was OK to be spooky and leathery 
  • Metallica at Woodstock ‘99
  • Mtv Icon: Metallica with covers by Limp Bizkit and Korn
  • Limp Bizkit sings about The Simpsons
  • “Cheddar Bay Bizkits (Date Night, BITCH!)” by Limp Bizkit
  • Lemmy’s Retro Rundown:
  • What kind of sarcophagus does Lemmy sleep in?
  • Gary looks like…
  • Lemmy looks like…
  • Lemmy’s playing The Evil Within on PS3
  • “The Evil Within” by Motörhead
  • Lemmy’s playing Microprose Grand Prix from 1993
  • Joel was turned upside down by Descent
  • “Can You Name 2 of the 4 Companies Who Licensed 3DO” by Motörhead
  • Nintendo did Sony a dirty on the Playstation
  • Getting naughty gifs off BBS’s in the 90s
  • “Foxxy Lemmy” by Motörhead
  • Remember when game controllers went USB plug-n-play?
  • What’s Lemmy’s true motivation?
  • Did Lemmy participate in SOFTWARE PIRACY!?!?!
  • What Mario character is named after Lemmy?
  • Patreon Spotlight Question: Who is the most important person in a band?
  • The recent Nirvana “Reunion” with Beck and St. Vincent 
  • Stone Temple Pilots’ new singer, Jeff Gutt
  • Queen and Adam Lambert or Marc Martel?
  • Could Gary take over for Dave on the podcast?
  • Steve Benkins takes over for James Hetfield in Metallica
  • “Fade To Black” by James Hetfield, ft. Steve Benkins
  • “Come As You Are” by Nirvana, ft. Steven Benkins
  • The Bronze Medals of Iron Maiden form a band
  • Wrap up of the first ever NOISE BOI MEETUP!!!
  • “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by James Hetfield and Steve Benkins
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