35 – I’m Sick To Death of All These Rockers

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
35 - I'm Sick To Death of All These Rockers

Noise Bois, you’re going to have to forgive us as we indulge in this Nickelback-heavy Noise Hole. It’s a thing, it happened, let’s get past it. It’s like Soylent for your ears. It keeps you alive, but no one’s actually enjoying themselves. Also a seemingly NEVER ENDING train of rock stars, living and dead, visit The Hole today, no thanks to GARY!

  • “Photograph Psychopath” by Nickelback
  • An update on Gary’s smoking
  • Noise Bois carving Jack-Hole-Lanterns!!!
  • “The Ballad Of The Pumps” by The Noise Bois (as portrayed by Dave)
  • “Listen To Photograph” by Nickelback
  • CHADchat: A visit from Chad Kroeger and Stevearino
  • “Look At This Chart” by Nickelback
  • “Listen To Photograph” by Nickelback
  • “Nothing Else Matters Is A Pretty Good Song” by Metallica
  • “Another Green Day Song” by Green Day
  • “The Biggest Hit Of All Time” by Nickelback fr. Green Day
  • “Look At This Spider-Man” by Nickelback
  • “Listen To Clutch” by Nickelback
  • “Lo Mein Protests” by Nickelback
  • “Fart Sniffing Creep” by Radiohead
  • “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by Radiohead
  • Iggy Pop’s spider smokin’ fiasco
  • “Lust For Spiders” by Iggy Pop
  • “Look At This Iggy Pop” by Nickelback
  • “Look At These Lovely Boys” by Morrissey
  • “Look At These Lovely Boys (Reprise)” by Morrissey
  • Patreon Spotlight: Does rock and roll need drugs?
  • Beatles Reminisce featuring John and Paul
  • “Ringo Gave Me A Ride” by The Beatles
  • “I’m Going To Self-Immolate” by The Beatles
  • “Sweaty Child’o Mine” by Sloshy Slash
  • Ozzy and Sharon return, uninvited
  • What do the Noise Boi’s parents think?
  • Now THAT’s what Dave calls music! 
  • “Enter Dave’s Mom” by Metallica
  • The Insufferable and Hyper-Specific Croonery of Seth McFarlane
  • “Look At This Family Guy” by Nickelback ft. The Griffins
  • Elton John confronts his mean mum
  • More Family Guy talk for some god damn reason
  • “Look At This Patreon” by Nickelback
  • “Why Can’t I Be A Bouyee With A Loving Mother?” by The Bouyees
  • “Why’s Our Dads A Couple of Drug Addicts?” by The Bouyees ft. Jack Black and Peter Griffin
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