23 – Chugga Lugga Doobity Doo

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
23 - Chugga Lugga Doobity Doo

This episode deals primarily with two young bois, wee Dave and Lil’ Joel, and their personal betrayals by two once-revered and beloved bands: Tool and Metallica.

  • “I Am A Little Water Boy” by Fish Friends
  • Delta Blues Email Readin’s 
  • How much money do you think Tool has?
  • Comparing and contrasting Jimmy Eat World and Tool
  • How to write a song from each Tool album
  • “I Got Worms Inside Of My Dick” by Tool
  • “I’ve Been Eating My Own Shit” by Tool
  • “Longview” by Tool
  • “CiCi’s Pizza” by Tool
  • “Sweet Frags” by Tool
  • Dave’s adventures at an Irish Cyber-Cafe
  • “Last Night (I Called My Friend An Anus)” by The Strokes
  • “Last Night (I Tried To Play Quake)” by The Strokes
  • How Tool broke Joel’s heart with 10,000 Days
  • How Metallica broke Dave’s heart with St. Anger
  • Charles Dickens’ A St. Anger Carol 
  • Davey And The Metallica Factory
  • “Hooker With A Penis” by Jimmy Eat World
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