08 – Cowboy Corpse

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
08 - Cowboy Corpse

In this episode:

  • Dave and Joel christen the new home of The Noise Hole in the Dave Cave
  • Dave has a retirement plan
  • Green Day has a children’s album
  • A musical tribute to a special Noise Boy
  • Dave gets creeped out by his Mum’s use of punctuation
  • We also meet Jom, Joel, Porge and Ringum: The Bortles (or possibly The Bartles), and they visit Old Mother Titty Tree
  • England goes for a spin, as does Bertie The Butt Bus
  • The ACTUAL Beatles sing “You Wife, Yoko, Is A Stupid C*nt”
  • Reel Big Fish and Rancid bring us “You’ve Got A Friend In Ska”
  • A Noise Boi further explains Thrice to Joel
  • Dave is ashamed of his Thrice-style scatilogical song
  • An etherial ambient jam from space
  • A story about Joel’s 8th grade Death Metal friend
  • Cannibal Corpse’s writing process
  • Nashville favorites, Cowboy Corpse
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