Podcast 14 “Male Sack” Questions

Eli’s been sick, so I don’t know when we’ll be recording. Assuming it’s Monday night, get your questions in ASAP.

You can suggest a general Topic for discussion:

  • These can be non-geek related
  • the idea is to get us to tell stories related to the topic

Links for discussion:

  • Did you see this link? IT R LOLZ!

Actual “Male Sack” questions:

  • What was your best, worst, favorite whatever, etc.
  • How many _____ have you _____ed, etc.
  • These can be non-geek as well.

The main thing I want to do with Podcast #14 is take the “coming up with ideas” out of our hands since we seem to do better when we don’t know the agenda ahead of time. The more we plan, the less natural it seems. Typically the funniest stuff happens when we turn the recorder off.

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  1. What are your thoughts on Paganism and the Occult?

    What are your thoughts on World of Warcraft and other MMOs?

    Who would win in a fight: Ironman or Spriderman?

  2. Considering the scene after the credits and the rumoured scene upcoming in The Incredible Hulk, there seems to be an Avengers movie upcoming. Is this a good idea at all? I'd rather have more Iron Man. Sure, involve him with Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., but keep the characters separated before we have to deal with Captain America. That character will NEVER work on the big screen. Discuss.

  3. When did your geekiness become self-evident and/or how did you come to grips with the self-admission?

    For Josh and Eli: Do you get the feeling that YOUR parents are still secretly waiting for you to grow up/out of video games?

  4. My friends and I have been arguing for the past few years about which movie is worse, The Hulk or Daredevil. We know they're both terrible, but we'd really like if you guys could weigh in on this one. Thanks.

  5. I was thinking when I heard you mention Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in close vicinity in the last podcast. Have any of you seen Extras? It's the series made by the two guys who had previously created the original British version of The Office. It aired on HBO here. Ricky Gervais plays an extra who is trying to get larger roles as an actor, and both Stewart and McKellen guest starred in episodes. I imagine you must have seen http://youtube.com/watch?v=Fg_cwI1Xj4M with Patrick Stewart on the internets at least.
    http://youtube.com/watch?v=43sbtkQM6zc is one with Ian McKellen.

  6. With comic book movies, do you feel it's more important to follow the storyline, or to keep the feel of the comic, while using artistic license to make the movie appeal to a broader audience?

  7. *very minor iron spoiler*
    How the heck did Iron Man not soil his Iron Underpants on that long ass flight? Seriously, half-way around the world and back. Does he have some kind of inverse repulsor ray to hold it in? Discuss.

  8. what kind of instruments do you guys have/play?

    More leaning towards Joel, I think you answer this before, but did you really have long hair and play Wonderwall in the 90's? While your friends bled out their ears? (Not from your music, I'd assume)

  9. Have any of you wasted a large portion of your time learning a languge used in or created for a work of film or literature?
    I can write fluently in Tokien's SIndarin Tengwar (elvish) among several other things.

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