1. This is the first vlog I've seen of yours. I don't know why I haven't seen any of the others, considering I've always kept up with the comic, but I guess it's because vlogs and podcasts aren't really my cup of tea. Maybe I think they're too time consuming (which, I now realize, is quite ridiculous when comparing the rate of information delivered via video vs text). Anyway, I'm glad I watched this one as it reminded me that Hijinks Ensue is more than just a comic, and more than just a community; this is your JOB, in which you need to make money, and I need to buy more stuff from you. 🙂 I'd like to help out in other ways but I suck at accounting (and I live too far away to be of much help in that regard). However, I used to work for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions (stores) so if you need help there just let me know.

  2. Actually, there's an official multi-uploader tool that you can download from the website somewhere, not sure if there's a Mac version but in addition to letting you upload more than one video at once, it lets you upload videos longer than 10 mins, I think up to an hour.

  3. Good show, old bean.

    Lovin the geek stuff. Got a friend into the comic, getting him to embrace some more geek stuff. He's a browncoat now, which is a bittersweet triumph, as I've only opened his heart to an infinite sadness.

  4. This is an excellent question. I would say that a $100 donation would be more than generous and should qualify you get any and all extra content. How to deliver that content is the issue I am wrestling with right now.

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