• That about sums it up.

      The only real option at this point is to divorce the human race, sell off the planet, split the proceeds and move on.

  1. No, this is great! It's a very well disguised as an experimental comedic-Star Trek Sequel! The Remans got all angry when Picard blew up his son-clone/their commander, and went back in time to destroy the FIRST Enterprise: but through a wacky clerical error, went all the way back to destroy the Aircraft Carrier of the same name! It's genius!
    This premise makes far more sense than any suggested by the movie studio! (and, really, what do they know?)

  2. While I knew it was the movie based on the game I had not connected the peg projectiles to the game pieces.

  3. Game over, man, game over! What the fuck are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?!

    I heard that the Writer's Guild strike was over … how are they getting away with churning out this shit? Who green-lit this abortion of a film? I DEMAND ANSWERS!

  4. Oh man… and this on top of that Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots film? Has Hollywood lobotomised their writers? "Must make movies of ALL THE TOYS!"

  5. OK I know this is a stupid question, but how is this steaming pile of elephant turd getting greenlit, and a Serenity sequel is a pipedream? The people that make these decisions must HATE making money.

  6. Ah, but do the pegs interface with the controls of the vessels and make them into remote drones for the invading aliens, or do they just blow up after penetrating the armor?

  7. Saw the trailer last night at Cowboys and Aliens. I really, really can't beleive they're making this movie. It's like Top Gun (yes, it really was a two-hour recruitment ad) as done by Hasbro. o_O

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