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New episode of the HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast!ย Episode 89 – John Quincy Adams: Mummy Strangler

Thus ends another short run story-ish style continuity-let. Now to make some comics about The Pondless Doctor and Looper (which was super duper).

COMMENTERS: Feels, right? They’re the worst. What’s the most ACTUAL HUMAN EMOTION you’ve ever felt about something that happened in a TV show? A few shows have definitely made me cry actual man-tears, but none are coming to mind at the moment. Perhaps you will jog my sadness memories. I remember when the Galactica jumped into atmo on New Caprica, I actually stood up and cheered like I was at a sportspuck arena and a score had just happened.

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  1. The end of Day Four of Children of Earth. I cried for an hour. Since I was marathoning the miniseries, that meant I cried for the entire rest of the season. I also hated Jack for a good while after that. It took some hand-in-a-jar and Face of Boe feels for me to finally start to forgive him.

  2. The one thing that immediately comes to mind is Col. Blake's death on M*A*S*H. Straight up tears, and then a kind of empty feeling that lasted the rest of the night, all from a rerun of a TV show that ran its last episode 6 years before I was even born.

    • actually that one pisses me off more than it makes me sad because that was done after the fact as a screw you to the actor so there was no way he could come back

  3. I always cry during Kaiba Episode 3. It is an anime that was only released with English subtitles in my country of birth, so I am saddened that people who don’t live in Australia will ever understand why it is this anime, this episode that I turn on the DVD player for when I need to prove my tear ducts are still functioning. Like, Toy Story 3 level tears, people. For much more horrifying reasons too.

    • Oh god, thanks for putting that in my head right before I go to work. Everything about Hartman's death is just awful, there are few if any other celebrity deaths in my lifetime that affected me (and continue to affect me) like Hartman.

    • I actually watched that episode yesterday. (The previous sentence is true for me a good 20% of all days.)

      This morning I was feeding my daughter while we watched NewsRadio and during the theme music I sang "Catherine Duke was in every season / even if just one show in the fifth."

      I have lots of feels for Phil and WNYX.

  4. Aw you made a boo-boo, duplicate lines (last line on panel 2 and first line on panel 3).

    Dr. Who does register in the feels department from time to time, other (or more specific) examples escape me at the moment. Epic big-spaceship / unexpected twisty comebacks are always good for the back-jitter-tingle-feels too.

  5. Doomsday pretty much kicked me in the feels sack on first watch. The Body is the obvious answer as well. I was about 10 years old when Chosen aired and the deaths in the episode traumatised the shit out of me, I was sobbing on the way to school the next day.

  6. The last episode with Rose and the Doctor, and also the last episode with Donna and the Doctor. Both had me in floods of tears. I always seem to cry more for TV shows than real life, which is actually kinda frustrating when something awesome/terrible happens and I should be REACTING and having FEELS.

    Also for some reason, all of the episodes of Star Trek Voyager which feature Barclay brought a tear to my eye.

  7. I cry kinda easily when it comes to feel-y parts of TV shows, but it's usually just quiet tears not outright sobbing. Except End of Time, part 2 when 10 said "I don't wanna go." then I totally lost my shit…and the last episode of Cowboy Bebop. I literally burst into tears.

    • The music to Cowboy Bebop is some of the best. And the only thing that matches to the Spike death scene is the conclusion to the other two part episode, Jupiter Jazz. Those two songs, "Blue" and "Space Lion" can put about anyone in tears.

      Oh yes, almost forgot the death scene for the priest in Trigun. His talk with God is just…. yeah.

      • I cried when I watched Juipter Jazz too (I loved Gren), but not as hard as at the series end. "Blue" still makes me teary and "Space Lion" is probably my favorite song hands down. Also, Yoko Kanno is amazing. I've bought soundtracks to series I've never seen just because she composed them.

        Wolfwood's death was a real hit below the belt… so sad.

  8. I remember the TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" made me get all feelsy, especially right at the end with the whole "huh what was that? Nothing, ok then carry on!"

    • Haha, I once found this on a friend's computer, separated from the other episodes in it's own folder named "The Most Depressing 30 Minutes of Television Ever – DO NOT WATCH".

      • My brother died in 1998, and every time I see "Luck of the Fryrish" I'm basically a mess for a week. Seriously, I'm sitting here at work, at the reception desk with tons of people around, and just THINKING about how that one ends has me tearing up.

        "Jurassic Bark" is third on the list for me right after Buffy's "The Body". I was watching "The Body" with my roommate this one time, and my cousin's wife came over to ask me to watch her damn kids (these being the ones who got in a knife fight over a hairbrush) just as it finished. So I open the door, she's standing there and her kids are dragging overnight bags out of the car, she looks at my face, turns around and says, "Put those back in the car, we're going to Tiffany's instead! Holy shit, girl, who died?!"

    • Oh, hell yes. If I'm in a down mood I literally have to leave the room or change the channel before the last five minutes of that episode.

    • I couldn't watch that one for a long time… not until I saw Bender's Big Score. Now it makes me slightly less weepy.

  9. I have definitely cried big men tears when Rose and Donna left the Doctor. Most recently though I found my self emptying my tear-ducts at an alarming rate during Angels Take Manhattan… I don't one person should experience that much feels..

  10. "Vincent and the Doctor" makes me bawl uncontrollably every time. Probably because if I had a TARDIS then all I'd do is go around and make sad historical figures happy again.

    • I may have shed a manly tear when Amy realised Vincent had still…. oh who am I kidding? I teared up like I'd been kicked in the crotch while sniffing an onion.

    • Oh shit. You just had to remind me. I cried more than I was even comfortable with the first time I saw this. Like, "OK I get it. I have lots of human emotions. Now STOP it." The second time I think it was even worse. Davey Jones' entire speech at the end and Vincent's reaction just slays me.

  11. So many, many episodes of Doctor Who left me a sobbing, snotty, trembling wreck. Also agree with 'The Body' and 'Jurassic Bark'. Most recently, got captivated by this Brit drama called 'Misfits' and the last episode absolutely fucked my shit up. I FELT ALL THE FEELS AND THEY WERE ALL SAD. Serious, days of disconsolate sobbing followed by a massive fan-fic binge. I am already quite aware of my level of pathetic, thanks ever so.

  12. The most dramatic example I can think of was a few months back, I was rewatching How I Met Your Mother, and I got to the episode with


    Marshall's dad's funeral. All that stuff about thinking about what your dad's last words to you would be, and never being able to talk to him again. I was quite literally on the floor bawling.

  13. Harvey Danger! YES! Pike Street Park Slope is one of my favorite songs. It's great when paired with Sometimes you have to Work on Christmas for the depressing holiday micro-genre.

    Thanks for making my Wednesday.
    Also, you have a great comic. I feel the need to point that out since this is my first time commenting.

  14. Definitely BSG! Like you, I was totally cheering and whooping at the tv when Galactica dropped into the New Caprican atmosphere. On the other end of the feels spectrum, though, when Roslin dies at the end, I was awash with tears. The "So Much Life" track on the BSG soundtrack still gets me misty-eyed.

    • See, BSG doesn't make me feel the feels, it just makes me want to crawl into a bottle and not emerge for weeks on end. Basically on account of the fact that I don't consider crippling depression a feel as much as an affliction.

      • I didn't mind the finale (although, I do pretend that the last 10 minutes — the flash-forward to the present — didn't happen…). It felt like a fitting end to the emotional journey, and I felt like I got the conclusion to the argument being made (so to speak). That said, things like the resolution (or lack thereof) of Kara's storyline were just patently ridiculous; but then I didn't feel that invested in her character to begin with.

  15. I feel way too many human emotions while watching TV. Pretty much every episode of DW 9 and 10 made me cry my eyes out. Especially 10. Jeez, remember Donna? Remember? Because she doesn't.

    Also, I am way, way to emotionally involved in Young Justice. It's a problem. I blame tumblr.

  16. West Wing: When Mark Harmon's SS character was shot and they played "Hallelujah" in the background. I was really into the series at the time and considering the timing on the show (you were thrilled one minute and the next he was dead) it hurt.

    ST-DS9: I know a lot of people didn't like this show but it remains my favorite ST series. I think it got cemented that way when they played the episode of Sisko covering up the truth about the Romulan sabotage in an effort to draw them into the war with the Dominion. Anger, betrayal, awe, shock and a slew of other emotions just roll in as you watch the last few minutes of the show play out.

    There's probably a load of other shows I could list but it's really early and I'm not completely awake.

    • For DS9, not just "In The Pale Moonlight", but also "Duet", "Tears of the Prophets", "The Siege of AR-558", "What You Leave Behind", and "Hard Time".
      Nothing like being at a space station where you can't leave the planet of the week behind when you make a mistake or mess something up.

  17. I know Buffy's been mentioned already, but I have to get into it some more. Joss Whedon knows exactly how to sytab me right where I feels! I cried so many times watching that show, and continue to cry when re-watching. I sobbed when Angel died, when Jenny died, when Oz left, when Joyce died, when Tara died, when Buffy died, when Xander lost his eye, when Willow went bad, when I thought Giles would die… holy crap, that show has taken a chunk of my soul.

    Then there's Angel, and that show made me cry when Cordelia died and when Darla sacrificed herself, and made me bawl my head off when Fred and then Wesley died. When you're that into a show, it's like losing someone you love (which I think means I could probably use some therapy, but whatever).

    Also, I know that there's a lot of hate for them out there, but I cried like crazy during the finalies of BSG and Lost.

      • Oh yeah! With all this talk of "The Body", I had forgotten about Fred! Now, when I rewatch the series, it's that part where Lorne turns with the shocked "OMGWTF" face that makes me burst into tears.

          • Whedon, you fantastic bastard. I still can't forgive him for Tara's death. It haunts me. And Joyce. And then there is Fred, and Wesley, and…STOP!

    • Since you brought up Lost, I only saw a few episodes during the original run, but the S.O. is re-watching now and I've been more into it. I just saw the episode(s) where Juliette dies and it was everything I could do to woman up and be strong enough to keep my burly lumberjack tears at bay since I wasn't alone. I just loved Sawyer and her together so first her falling down the hole, then maybe she's alive! (at this point I actually said "if she's alive I will cry all the tears"), and then to kill her all over again? It was such an emotional jerk around that totally worked and I wanted to hold Jack down while Sawyer tore off his smug know-it-all face.

      As far as movies, the end of Deathly Hallows Part 1 *spoilers I guess* when Dobby dies. It's good I was alone for that one because I could not stop any of my hairy chested lumberjack tears. I sat on the couch unblinking saying, "They didn't just…no…they couldn't" for like 10 minutes and then my face was wet for some reason.

  18. I . Cried when marathoning Freaks and Geeks for the first time when Sam can only manage to be Cindy”s friend “you’re easy to talk to like a sister” it caused me to weep rage tears cause I could relate to always being the friend and never the boyfriend…those were some awkward feels.

  19. "Avatar: the Legend of Aang", that episode 'Tales of Bah Sing Sei' where General Iroh's story is finally revealed. That song he sings about his little soldier boy is gut-wrenching.

      • And they dedicated it to the memory of Mako at the end as icing on the cake. It got me HERE [pounds upper chest in a manly manner] !

    • Oh man.
      I generally have a very low opinion of celebrities, and don't get really impacted by their deaths.
      With two exceptions:
      (1) Mako (I get a little punch to the gut in the first ep of Avatar that has some schmoe's voice coming out of Iroh instead of Mako)
      (2) Phil Hartman (the universe owes me another 20+ years of Hartman comedy. Give it to me, universe!)

  20. Doctor Who, the end of the episode "Girl in the fireplace." When the doctor realizes that Reinette has died waiting for him. Also the end of Vincent and the Doctor but then I cry thinking about Van Gogh anyway and also any time I hear the song 'Vincent'.

    Also voting for 'Tales of Bah Sing Sei' and the thing where Sokka's girlfriend turns into a fish goddess from Avatar.

    • The Doctor Who episodes that get me the most are when they introduce an amazing girl, then kill her. I can always feel it coming too. I know because I like her more than all the companions to date, then she dies heroically. Voyage of the Damned (space Titanic) made me cry so much I stopped powerstreaming Doctor Who for awhile.

  21. Doctor Who makes me cry a lot. I've also cried many times during Buffy/Angel/Firefly and I believe I cried during Dollhouse too (I liked that show, don't judge me). Supernatural is also another one that makes me cry pretty often. I think the biggest incident would have been right after the episode where Dean died and went to hell. I had to take time processing that one. I think it was the next day or the day after that we were watching Bones where Booth was supposed to have died and turned out he faked his death and was at his own funeral. Right after the reveal I burst into hysterics because I finally let the floodgates out over Dean and I couldn't handle the sad/happy over Booth. My husband laughs at me still to this day about it

    • Supernatural is a good one. The end of the last episode of season 7 left me feeling alone and sad and I remember actually saying "Well, what will Sam do now? He's all alone!" which means it was effective and did exactly what they wanted the episode to do. Bastards. Brilliant, engaging bastards.

  22. I can't think of any particular instances, though I know it's happened where I've teared up considerably. Probably the closest was the end of Battlestar Galactica when Gaeta was executed.

      • *Continuing Spoilers*

        At the same time, I could totally see his point. I didn't love him, and at that point, he did have it coming. He lost. But I understood what he was trying to do and why. Working so closely with the Cylons, who destroyed almost all of humanity, less than 3 years after they did so, I am not sure I would not have mutinied against Adama either. His problem was just that he lost and that he trusted Zarek. When Zarek executed the Quorum, it was all over and Gaeta knew it.

  23. The very last scenes of the last episode of Babylon 5, "Sleeping in light". It gets me right in the feels everytime I see that episode.

    "As for Delenn, every morning for as long as she lived, [she] got up before dawn and watched the sun come up."

  24. OK, I’m agreeing with the Buffy episode โ€“ I can usually hold it together until Anya’s Juice Rant, which sends me over โ€“ and Jurassic Bark. ‘Bark is OK as long as I don’t watch the last 2 minutes, but I can think about those 2 minutes in any setting and almost lose it.

    Also, let me add that one episode of Band of Brothers โ€“ where they actually find the death camp. It doesn’t leave me in tears, but I spend the rest of the day with Feels=Troubled.

    I need to learn what the first 10 minutes of that episode look like so I don’t get stuck watching it.

    • bark has lost a bit of it's punch do to fry time traveling so we know seymour got to spend a few moe years with him still sweet though

  25. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention Meerkat Manor.
    They dragged out the death of Flower – so even the coldest heart cries giant sad feels.
    And then Mozart died – poor, troubled, misguided Mozart.

    And then they ended the show because people complained that wild animals sometimes die.

  26. That's easy. The finale of Six Feet Under.

    I think it would be a great screening test for sociopathy / psychopathy. If the subject doesn't bawl for at least 15 minutes straight during the episode, they are a 100% guaranteed sociopath and can be safely committed to an institution.

    • HOLY SHIT, I was waiting for someone to mention this, I was going to. Seriously have never met a person who's watched that last episode and didn't shed a tear.

    • That's a hell of a heartbreaker. It actually may have been the first time a TV show made me cry. But then again, it had Spock in blue jeans, so not all bad.

    • There was a bunch of comments bring up that Futurama episode. For me it's that one, Time keeps on skipping, and Luck of the fryrish. SOme of the newer episodes give me the feels too, but i gotta look up their episode titles.

  27. As a small child, I remember my mom watching soaps. Years later, she told me she used to watch All My Children daily. One day, something Erica did made her so angry, she was upset for the rest of the day. She realized how stupid it was to get so upset over a stupid TV show, and never watched it (or any other soap) again.

  28. I'm a big sap so I have feels for most TV shows I watch. Having a son has amplified those feels by eleventy. Most recently, the season premiere of Parenthood where Haddie leaves for college had me feeling all the blubbering sad feels. My son is 14 months old, but the thought of him leaving for college already haunts me. The line that started the flood was "she's never going to live here again." OMGSOMANYFEELS

  29. The episode of Charmed, "Hell Hath No Fury." After Prue gets killed, Piper goes on a demon-killing bender. Leo and Paige force her to confront the fact that she's not angry with Phoebe for being in the underworld, or Leo for healing "the wrong sister"– she's mad at Prue for dying. When Piper starts crying and beating on Prue's nameplate in the mausoleum, it gets me every time.

    • Piiiiper. Oh god. Anytime HMC starts crying I weep like a baby. Even her cradling Phoebe (a character I had learnt to despise when her narrative thrust became finding a baby daddy for 3 seasons) in Kill Billie Vol 2 and telling her "to wake up, kiddo." The choice to leave Paige out of that scene was brilliant because it brought it back to Piper being the last sister standing of the original three and made it that much more horrible. Her attempts to blow up Billie were also highly welcome.

      Oh god I'm gushing over Charmed.

  30. Babylon 5 – the first time I saw the episode "Severed Dreams" (which, BTW, won a Hugo) at one key point in the episode (right before Delenn arrives with help) I was literally SCREAMING at my television with tears pouring down my face. Nothing else on TV has ever produced a reaction even remotely similar in me. And while I can watch that episode with a bit more composure now … the series ender "Sleeping In Light" still leaves me an emotional disaster area for a couple days after watching it.

    M*A*S*H – For me, it's two Charles episodes; the first being the one where he's dealing with a concert pianist who's suffered irreparable damage to one of his hands and in trying to get him to see there are other ways to express his musical gift says "Don't you see? Your hand may be stilled, but your gift cannot be silenced if you refuse to let it be. The gift does not lie in your hands. I have hands, David. Hands that can make a scalpel sing. More than anything in my life I wanted to play, but I do not have the gift. I can play the notes, but I cannot make music. You have performed Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Chopin. Even if you never do so again, you've already known a joy that I will never know as long as I live." *sob*

    The other is the holiday episode where everyone thinks he's a Scrooge when he's actually following his family's tradition of anonymously donating wonderful candies to orphans – because it's not truly charity if one brags about it – and is later infuriated to find the candy on the black market. The man who runs the orphanage explains he was able to sell the candy for enough money to buy a great deal of regular food for the children and Charles realizes how out of place it was to offer "dessert to a child who has had no dinner." Later at the company Christmas party while everyone's shunning him … Klinger (the only person who's figured out what's going on) turns out to have saved a little treat for him – "Merry Christmas, Charles." "Thank you, Max."

    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – I know most people remember this for the tight spandex costumes and the generally campy approach… but when it first aired, the episode "Space Vampire" scared the [BLEEP] out of me… and it still gives me the creeps. "Oh, yes … plead with me … I like the taste of fear best of all!" *shudder*

    • the bit in the last episode where the guys charles had been teaching music were killed by a landmine and he had to perform surgery on the lone survivor

  31. The TV adaption of Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles" scared the hell out of me when I was 10 or so years old. The ending, with nuclear bombs exploding on Earth's night side, gave me nightmares for weeks. I remember kneeling at my bed praying fervently to God to keep it from happening for real. *shudder*

  32. Jurassic Bark yes, and A Hole at the End of the World (Fred's death). One I haven't seen mentioned is the DS9 episode The Visitor… the one where Sisko gets blasted by that energy pulse and starts skipping through time. That bit at the end, when he appears, and Jake has just taken a bunch of pills so he can send his father back in time, and Sisko realizes what he's done… oh god. NIAGARA FALLS, PEOPLE.

  33. I can remember several shows making me sad so I felt like crying..and I walked around being depressed a bit afterwards but never a tv show making me shed tears.

    Hmm, I did cry during the movie “The Mission” with Robert DeNiro, when the Spanish and the Portuguese attack the Jesuit missions and kill women and children. The music in that movie really gets to you, and of course that really did happen to the native people made me feel worse.

    It’s great that people can be so invested in a show, that they can let out their emotions….that’s just not me. Bawled when my cats, friends, uncle and grandmother died….cried when relationships end. Anyone who knows me would consider me an emotional person, but I rarely cry.

  34. The innocent direwolf getting killed to satisfy the spiteful demands of a petulant child in Game of Thrones made me so angry I was incoherent for days and certainly didn’t watch any more of the show.

    • If that make you stop watching the show, then I can only imagine the rage fest you would of had at the rest of it. (seriously, it's a fantastic book/tv show. Even the books can make you feel all the feels at times.)

    • That made me angry, too, although it did not stop me from watching the show. I think my anger at that partly, or even largely, came from that incident reminding me of the fact that in real life many domestic household animals (i.e. dogs, cats, etc.) end up being "put down" through no fault of their own, for reasons that humans are to blame for. That stuff always makes me angry, because these creatures exist entirely at our mercy, yet too often don't receive any.

      • Yes, Candace, precisely.

        Katlamos, I care very little, generally speaking, if adults hurt and kill each other on screen even if they're technically protagonists, because adult humans are supposed to take care of themselves. I may be sad or angry, or even cry, but it's the fun kind of feels, ya know? Cruelty to animals, the very young, and the very old is what gets me the bad feels and makes me turn off the TV / close the book.

        What compounded it for me was Stark saying he'd kill her himself because she deserved someone who cared for her to do it. The sneaking spinelessness of pretending he's doing the noble thing or being strong for her by taking on the task himself enraged me. She can't understand what is happening or why he would kill her, so all he's doing is satisfying his own ego and inflicting a moment of horrible betrayal on his child's pet. His child whom he did not protect and repeatedly refused to stand up for. He should have taken his family and gone home that night. The king has just made very, very plain that he cares not a whit for Stark's family, and it is Stark's duty as a man and a parent to protect and care for his family.

        This concept of killing a pet nobly – to put it out of its misery (when 'misery' means 'my own inconvenience'), because you can't take care of it, because it's untrained and 'dangerous' – gets right at the heart of my personal concept of right and wrong. You take care of those who depend on you. You protect those who are weaker. You look first to your family. You most certainly do not take the easy way out at the expense of a creature that you have trained and molded into an obedient member of the family, who will gaze at you with love and trust while you raise the knife.

        You can call me a wuss if you like, I've been insulted far worse for not liking Game of Thrones, but I am as much entitled to my opinion as anyone else is to theirs, and my opinion is that there are some topics I don't want to see, or at least, I don't want to see them presented in anything like a positive light. The argument "but things like that happen in real life, it's realistic" does not hold water for me. If I want real life, I can go volunteer at the pound and watch the betrayal in real animals' eyes.

  35. ST: TNG "Chain of Command Pt.2" when Picard is taken prisoner by the Cardassians and is tortured. "There..are…four…lights!" GAWD, gets me every time. Lots of feels there, pride, sadness, sincere anger at all Cardassians (even though I know they're a fictional race). Just watching that episode makes me realize how someone who is brutalized by members of another group could not help but to always at least kinda hate everyone from that group. When he tells Troi at the end that basically if they hadn't released him right when they did he was going to break and, "I actually saw five lights" I want to lose it all over the place.

    • Any time I'm thinking of someone with amazing strength of character, "There…are…four…lights!" jumps into my head.

    • Am… am I wrong for getting <ahem> a different category of feels at the beginning of that episode, when they're cutting him out of his uniform? Rowr!

  36. Damn you Doctor Who and your making me feel so many sad feels.

    I sobbed like a little girl at least three times watching TATM. It was as bad as when the Doctor had to erase Donna's memories, or 10 saying "I don' want to go." Damn it Doctor Who, why you make me feel so many sad feels?!

    Outside of that, I've also cried at the end of Cowboy Bebop, and when Wolfwood dies in Trigun. Anime tends to be very good at making me cry, but those are the only two my sleep deprived brain can remember right now.

  37. Joel, your talk of feels and the other Fancy bastards' other memories of TV feels got me thinking of this animated sequence from Pink Floyd's The WALL [WARNING! WARNING! PREPARE FOR SOME SERIOUSLY TWISTED SHIT!]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCMHmDnfD6I

    Are we recovering from that comfortably now? Good! It's a good thing when entertainment makes you feel things, or else the makers wouldn't be doing their jobs. If it's only bad, depressing, or scary feels (judging by the number of Buffy related feel moments here), then that's still their fault. Good feels are needed to juxtapose the bad ones.

    • "Good feels are needed to juxtapose the bad ones. " Yeah, that's the main reason I've never rewatched Children of Earth. Even though it's easily the best season of Torchwood, it's so unrelentingly depressing that I just can't face watching it again.

  38. For me, it was BSG at that scene with Tigh and his wife and the poison…

    But number one hands down is that scene from Full Metal Alchemist (Original, not brotherhod), during Maes Hughes funeral. Little Elicia saying he's got lots of work to do, tears me up like nothing else. God, just thinking about it T_T

  39. I have to vote with the death of Orion on Chuck, the song (One October Song by Nico Stai) still gets me choked up when I hear it.

  40. One more for "The Visitor" from DS9. Although I did watch it while loopy from pain meds after a car accident, still…genuine sobbing.

  41. For me, it was the time when, thanks to reruns, I finally saw the ending of Buffy four years ago. I had been totalyy sucked into the series since it original first run here at Spain and I had seen some of the episodes even three or four times, and then everything piled up and we had that incredible ending. It was so… satisfacting.

  42. Happy/fanboy moment:

    Chuck – "I know kung-fu" (mostly because right before the line I was screaming at the tv SAY IT! SAY IT!)

    Heart-wrenching moments:

    LOST – "Not Penny's Boat"

    Friends – The One Where Nana Dies Twice

    That Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial.

  43. 4 moments immediately come to mind. I'll try not to be long winded.

    The episode of FlashForward when Al throws himself off the roof of the FBI building because he can't live with the future he saw for himself. The way it was shot and written was really powerful.

    The episode of Dollhouse where Topher imprints Sierra to be his best friend for the day. In the last moments of the show when you see Adelle explaining that it's his birthday and Sierra comes out with this little tiny cake and a candle as you're watching from Adelle's office… that one got me right in the heart.

    That fateful moment in Serenity when Wash dies. A mixture of shock, rage, and sadness like no other as they all fought to be the dominant emotion of the moment.

    And finally the end of Lost. Yes, because I thought it was a fairly good ending but more because I attended a viewing party with a bunch of friends with whom I'd shared theories and discussions with for a couple years and it was that sense of community that really made Lost fun and knowing that was actually over after all this time was sad. No show has quite filled that role to that same level.

  44. Good… good. Feel your anger! Let it turn you into the next Evil Fox Executive you were destined to be! You can cancel any show that fails you for the last time!

  45. Cried like a baby at the following things:

    End of second season Buffy
    End of second season Dr. Who
    The scene in the Van Gogh Episode of Dr. Who when they take him to the museum to see all his paintings.
    The scene in BSG when Adama breaks down after learning that Saul is a Cylon.

    • I'm thinking the end of the 5th Season of Buffy, with the voice over at the end when she makes the decision in front of Dawn, and the reaction of the Scoobies afterwards.

  46. Oh god. I was also off the couch on that same scene in BSG.

    Rose's last episode of Who. I also agree w/ Greta on the Van Gogh ep of Who.

    Buffy's "The Body".

    The last episode of MST3K with Mike and the 'bots just sitting on the couch, still snarking away…

    Rory asking the Cybermen… "Would you like me to repeat the question?"

    • Re: the BSG moment – the best summary I've seen yet of that moment comes from a user known as Hugin at Television Without Pity. His comment, in its entirety:

      Adama jumped the entire fucking Battlestar into atmosphere.

      What? What? Who does that?

      I'm fairly certain that voids the hell out of the warranty. I'm fairly certain there's little red and yellow stickers on the underside of Galactica that say:

      "Warning, Do Not Plow Into Some Planet's Unsuspecting Stratosphere Like The World's Grimmest And Most Heavily Armored Fat Kid Jumping Into A Pool Full Of People He Hates Screaming Cannonball With A Grenade In His Teeth, Yeah, We're Talking To You Adama, 'Cause Jesus Christ."

      If I'm a Humlon, and I look out of the window of my compound and see this…*psychotic* act of badassery, in my heart I know we're just never going to subjugate or defeat these people.

  47. GPOY. Except that instead of Alf, it was The Zeta Project. I'm pretty sure there will always be a little part of me, the 10 year old in me, that will never completely be ok unless the story is complete- & I will hold out hope for that until the day the show's creator dies.

    • yea i agree there that and batman beyond ended way to early but at least we got closure with batman thanks to justice league

  48. Doctor Who just makes me feel all the feels, all the time. I don't generally cry (with a few exceptions when I have time to just think about it, like after the Angels Take Manhattan), mostly because I'm emotionally stunted and positively terrible at expressing feelings, but I FEEL so many things.

    Everything is Doctor Who and everything hurts sometimes.

  49. both the most recent were Doctor who end of time part 2 (I don't want to go gets me EVERY TIME) and Angels take Manhattan (happiest sad ending EVER)

    before that "Jurrasic Bark" which the writer of EL Goonish Shive has used to create a way of scoring sad things (dubbed the Seymour scale after fry's dog)

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