Look, I'm just going to put my head down for awhile and try to cancel these complete hu-man emotions from the hate cavity in my chest. Cancel the lights on your way out, will you?

Branching Out

All of the discount shirts in the HE store have been FURTHER DISCOUNTED to $12.95! That is IN-SANE. You can get your “And My Axe!” shirts, your “Unicorn Poop” shirts, your “Sci-Fi Tv Movie Title Generator” shirts and more for less than something that costs exactly $14. GO GO GO! 


I have one more comic for sure planned for this story arc, then we’ll take a brief break from continuity and probably get into why Eli is so drunky since his ordeal during The Avengers. SPOILERS: Booze is involved.

Have you checked out the new Fancy Bastard Facebook Group? People are talking there. They might be talking ABOUT YOU! I don’t think they are but YOU NEVER KNOW!

COMMENTERS: How else might the E.F.E use his “particular set of skills” in a new career path? I bet he could cancel the hell out of some tax loopholes for big business, or cancel your hunger as a drive thru attendant at Burger King.

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