Branching Out

All of the discount shirts in the HE store have been FURTHER DISCOUNTED to $12.95! That is IN-SANE. You can get your “And My Axe!” shirts, your “Unicorn Poop” shirts, your “Sci-Fi Tv Movie Title Generator” shirts and more for less than something that costs exactly $14. GO GO GO! 


I have one more comic for sure planned for this story arc, then we’ll take a brief break from continuity and probably get into why Eli is so drunky since his ordeal during The Avengers. SPOILERS: Booze is involved.

Have you checked out the new Fancy Bastard Facebook Group? People are talking there. They might be talking ABOUT YOU! I don’t think they are but YOU NEVER KNOW!

COMMENTERS: How else might the E.F.E use his “particular set of skills” in a new career path? I bet he could cancel the hell out of some tax loopholes for big business, or cancel your hunger as a drive thru attendant at Burger King.

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