Branching Out

All of the discount shirts in the HE store have been FURTHER DISCOUNTED to $12.95! That is IN-SANE. You can get your “And My Axe!” shirts, your “Unicorn Poop” shirts, your “Sci-Fi Tv Movie Title Generator” shirts and more for less than something that costs exactly $14. GO GO GO! 

I have one more comic for sure planned for this story arc, then we’ll take a brief break from continuity and probably get into why Eli is so drunky since his ordeal during The Avengers. SPOILERS: Booze is involved.

Have you checked out the new Fancy Bastard Facebook Group? People are talking there. They might be talking ABOUT YOU! I don’t think they are but YOU NEVER KNOW!

COMMENTERS: How else might the E.F.E use his “particular set of skills” in a new career path? I bet he could cancel the hell out of some tax loopholes for big business, or cancel your hunger as a drive thru attendant at Burger King.

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  1. so that's how he cancels things

    can you make a shirt of a cat, tied to a tree, that's tied to a car, that's being pushed into a river by the EFE?

  2. He could become a professional people canceller. If you are having problems with a person he could cancel that person for you.

  3. A lot of companies are reducing their work forces. He could simply go into that line of business. "Bob but the company is not seeing the type of interest in your performance as they were hoping. So they are going to be cancelling you in the next two weeks.".

  4. Is the ex-EFE the reason Enterprise got cancelled? Because I'm at Vox Sola, and I'm beginning to understand why it was canned…

  5. Unfortunately, the EFE is but one aspect of a much greater power, a Cancellation Force if you will. Even with the EFE fired, good shows will still be claimed by the abyss. I believe Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is its most recent victim. And there have been many others before it such as Stargate: Universe, The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Wolverine and the X-Men, Carnivàle, Justice League Unlimited, Farscape, X-Men: Evolution, and so on. Shows not touched by the EFE but taken by his insatiable master whose reign will continue regardless of the EFE's fate. A bleak assessment but true nonetheless.

    The only real way that the EFE's power can be used for good is use it to cancel the people who cancel good shows, movies, books, video games, and comic books. We must turn the power of the Cancellation Force upon itself so that it will consume itself like the legendary Ouroboros.

    • Avengers: EMH?! WTF???!!! But that show's super awesome! They still have to finish their Skrull Invasion arc!

  6. He should battle to the death with whoever is responsible for reality competition (cooking, sewing, drag-queening, New-Jersey-douche-baggery)….they seem to create those shows faster than they can be cancelled. Of course the result would likely be a release of anti-particles destroying the known universe….but it's a risk I'm sure we're all willing to take.

    • That totally beats what I was about to say. Yes, this. The ultimate way to use his powers for good. Maybe we should show him some Spider-Man? Not too much Spider-Man, though. We don't want him to decide Emo-Spider-Man is cause for cancellation.

  7. He's going to work for Dr. House and cancel interns. Occasionally he'll cancel someone's ailments. That only happens on MacGuffin Thursday though (it's mus less satisfying than Muffin Tuesday).

  8. I'm guessing he'd do well at a health insurance company, canceling peoples policies. If that doesn't work he could always run for office on the republican ticket so that he could cancel funding for healthcare, education and other social programs. I'm sure he'd love doing something along those lines.

  9. He could work for YOU. Cancelling typos and whatnot. Or whole dialogue boxes you don't like. Wait, what is HEverse you do as an occupation anyway? DOES HE MAKE COMICS OF REAL YOU?

  10. so the next strip will be the EFE canceling this storyline, where Joel will cancel him, and finally turn to the Dark Side

  11. Postscript: The EFE was a consultant to NBC/UNIVERSAL in their rebranding of Sci-Fi. Once his recommended reign of terror upon that channel commenced, the EFE was cancelled himself, let go with the bulk of SyFy's paid staff. Eureka's demise was his last consult. Apparently, you can be too 'good' at an evil job. [Joel, Is EFE related to Richard on 'Looking for Group?]

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