1. Seriously??? That's awesome because they understand the only way that I would go to a church would be through trickery… then again Optimus Prime did die, resurrect, and continue being awesome the whole time. But at the same time it's terrible

  2. That actually reminds me of a pamphlet I saw on a local bulletin board that started off by offering large (but not unbelievably so) sums of money for people's kidneys, eyes, etc. And if you read further, it would then rag on you for even considering something so horrible and try to get you to go to church, because doing so will pay your rent or something, I didn't quite catch the segue.

    At first I rolled my eyes at it, but when I thought about it further, I got really mad. Some people out there (and I have been one at points in the past) have been so desperately at the end of their rope that yeah, they'd honestly consider doing this. And this thing dangles like $20,000 if you agree to sell a kidney or what, all medical expenses covered– and then looks down on you for considering it? Dude, if you're desperate enough to consider it then you really do NOT need these assholes judging you for being that broke for that long.

    Trickery! Yeah, Jesus DID say that was the best way to convert people, didn't he? Isn't that why God is known as teh Father of Lies? Wait…

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