Coulton hates on the haters

I just read this post from Coulton. Some sweet girl posted a fan video for “Still Alive on Youtube and it made the blogosphere rounds this week. Of course, as soon as someone shares a piece of there self with the world, the shitbags come out of the woodwork to scare them back into their insecurities.

Joco says:

Where’s your thing that you made and put online for everyone to see, you chicken-shit cockhole? …

So it drives me nuts to see people lobbing bullshit negativity into the crowd – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. And if you don’t have a piece of yourself to contribute, keep quiet. The rest of us are working here.

God damn right. Where is your contribution? Where did you post the little piece of your soul that I may skull fuck it to death?

I mentioned yesterday about getting hateful comments on Digg. It comes with the territory. Create something and share it with the world, then dive into a hole and hide from the backlash. Denizens of the internet are generally hateful toward everything they don’t absolutely love. What happened to “it’s not for me,” or “I have different tastes.” No way, man. It’s all “die from 1000 cancers” this and “suffocate on your own cockandballs” that. Calm down internet. Not everything is a fight. Walk away from the sites, and songs, and comics you don’t like just like you would change the channel on TV (without going to the producer of the show’s house and throwing lit shit baggies at him). Learn the difference between “I dislike…” and “I want the person that made this to feel pain and sorrow.”

Is there a kinder, gentler internet out there for us? This commenter has the right idea:


The honest truth is, these “haters” that rip people to shreds for trying to do something are the same people that want SO BADLY to post their own song on Youtube, or their comic online. Alas, they are far to afraid to deal with the scorn from people JUST LIKE THEMSELVES! The snake eats its own head, entropy reverses, the universe explodes and Data, Riker, Crusher, Geordi and Troi are right back at that card game with a nagging feeling of deja vu.

Ratatoing and the Little Cars

Many of you have probably already seen this but for those who haven’t had their fill of internet sadness today, I give you SUPER CRAPPY CGI PIXAR/DREAMWORKS RIPOFFS HOORAY!!!!


Ratatoing? Seriously? The company (which is the wrong term because company implies organization and structure) behind these… things is Branscome International, LLC. Is it me, or does that sound like “Brain Scumb.” They should hire Eli’s friend with the bear.

Jonathan Coulton in Dallas Wednesday 9/19/07

Jonathan Coulton is a personal hero. He’s just some guy from NYC that writes funny songs and distributes them over the internet. Over the last couple of years he’s turned his music into his full time job. He is completely supported by me and you and everyone else that enjoys his music. You’ve probably heard his folky acoustic cover of “Baby Got Back,” or maybe you were lucky enough to see him perform at this year’s PAX.

His rise to internet fame stems from the close connection he keeps with his fans through his website. Email him. I dare you. He’ll respond. He helped me with the code for Corn Mo’s music store just because I asked him how he’d made his own. What a guy!

Jonathan Coulton