I was more impressed when I thought it said “milliseconds”

Josh and Eli invited me to the new “Rambo” movie, but the 24 hour baby sitting service I use doesn’t exist so we had to pass. A fellow Corn Mo fan at RumorsDaily.com posted a Rambo Death Chart. It’s a special movie if a Death Chart is a useful record keeping tool. “Driving Ms. Daisy” did not require such a chart.

This is my favorite part:

(click for original via /Film)

Josh emailed me late that night with his review:

start with the crazy violence in Ricky-Oh, only using modern techniques that basically make it look real, then multiply that by about 100, you get the new Rambo.



Me and eli were freaking out in the theater it was so sweet.


This paints a picture of school girl enthusiasm that I envy, rather than pity. I’ll also take this opportunity to make sure that anyone who enjoys a good TERRIBLE kung fu movie that makes absolutely no sense and is completely perfect in every way knows about Ricky-Oh“, or “The Story of Ricky”.

This is a minimal amount of blood for Ricky-Oh.

I won’t spoil what happens to this guy.

If you can’t find a copy of this movie (and I suggest you try), you can see the short version or just the dead bodies on YouTube. Josh showed me this movie the first time we hung out, thus setting the stage for our entire friendship.