Hello, Harkness, My Old Friend

Big thanks to Mike Phirman for letting me use his Tweet as the title to this comic. You MUST check out his new album! He was one of the big standout performances at this year’s w00tstock (a show about which he just released a very funny new song).

Alternate Title: The Dart Of Harkness

Hollywood certainly seems to like its “gay” easily identifiable. It’s the clandestine gays they don’t seem to fond of. Every once in a while a show or movie gets it right and actually portrays a homosexual as a regular person as opposed to a frolicking, mincing, bedazzled stereotype. That’s one of the things I like so much about Captain Jack Harkness. He’s a hero first, an adventurer second, a time traveler third, a bit of a slut fourth and an omni-sexual man somewhere towards the end. That’s how you build a character that actually promotes a positive image of homosexuals. You show them as a human, flaws and all, then (when the story dictates) you address their sexuality.

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Torchwood: Miracle Day is built around a fascinating concept. What if one day everyone stopped dying? The execution is… compelling if not a little uneven. Last week’s episode was about 14 minutes of story poured into a 50 minute bucket. I still enjoyed it quite a bit, but the pacing (considering it was the series’ halfway point) seemed sluggish. I will certainly be sticking around until the end if only to see who’s behind the “Miracle.” It’s a good mystery with a decent balance between questions and payoff. Still, it leaves me wondering: Where is The Doctor while all of this is going on? Seems like the kind of thing that would have cried out to him across the universe and… oh… right… if he showed up, they wouldn’t have a show. Carry on then.

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COMMENTERS: Are you watching Torchwood: Miracle Day? Do you like it more or less than previous seasons? The premise has really been causing me to come up with a lot of  post-Miracle Day “what if?” scenerios. I like it when a show makes me ponder its universe. What about Captain Jack’s eyes?  Are they TOO dreamy or just perfectly dreamy enough?