Guest Comic By Tom Brazelton Of “Theater Hopper”

C2E2 IN CHICAGO IS THIS WEEKEND!!! I will be there with Randy [Something*Positive], Danielle [Girls With Slingshots] and David [Shortpacked & Dumbing Of Age]! Read more about it HERE.

TEAM EDWARD [James Olmos]


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Very special thanks to Tom Brazelton who makes a comic called Theater Hopper. I met Tom last year when we shared a hotel at C2E2. Right off the bat I realized we had a lot in common. We were both young fathers straddling the line between creativity and responsibility, we did comics based on pop-culture references that most likely alienate 90% of the populace, and neither of us seem to understand why everyone else is so wrong all the time. Tom is the kind of guy that will tell you a story about internet confrontation that ends with, “And after 3 days of me telling him what a fucking twat-face he was, HE STILL DIDN’T AGREE WITH ME!” Then he looks at you with a completely straight face and gives you the ol’ “Right? Amiright? Can you believe this guy?” eyes. You have to admire his┬ácommitment. Sometimes I wish he would make a second comic featuring the alternate universe versions of his characters where they only watch indie flicks and call it “Theatre Hipster.” That one’s a freebie, Tom. On the house. Now get to work.

You can purchase Tom’s books and other merch HERE or read his movie reviews HERE.