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Things are a little crazy right now while I am finishing up a long term commission project (which is due in the morning), so in light of a proper post, I give you these links:

Commenters: So what do you think of the decision to kill one promising but low rated SciFi show, only to save another that seemed to be an even longer shot for renewel?

My Uncle The Astronaut

Molested by an astronaut. There’s your answer. What else could explain why Fox would launch a cerebral, high concept scifi show produced by Joss Whedon (Dollhouse) in the very same 9pm Friday time slot that obliterated their last cerebral, high concept scifi show produced by Joss Whedon (Firefly)? Moon-pedophiles.

Before you ask, it’s a little know fact that network executives have a goatee from birth.

I hate to say it, but given all the recent delays, rewrites and production problems, I’d almost rather they just canned the show now and let me say goodbye before I really get hooked. I would like to point out that Dollhouse is premiering on Friday the 13th. That’s how I likes my omens. Good and ominous.

How about a shirt that says Friday Night on Fox : Where TV Shows Go To Die”?


I made the shirt.

I wasn’t too happy with the final design, so I took it down for revisions.

The Chronic-What?-cles of Sarah Connor

There you go. Josh IS an evil, hate filled robot from the future after all.

Despite a slight climb in last week’s ratings, it is highly likely that “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” will get thrown into a vat of molten steel, only to give a final Fonzyesque thumbs up before liquefying into oblivion (by which I mean it’s probably getting canceled).

I’ll spare you the comparisons to every other quality sci-fi show Fox has canceled prematurely. It’s cliche at this point. The thing I really appreciate about T:SCC is that it’s a simple premise and it delivers every time. Unlike Heroes and LOST, Terminator isn’t trying to be all things to all geeks. It’s not setting it self up for disappointment. The formula is simple (must stop robot apocalypse), and it’s delivered with above average writing and acting. If you haven’t watched it yet, I implore to you check it out on Hulu. Despite the overlying arch, the episodes are fairly self contained so you can pick it up pretty much anywhere.

Season 1 only made it to 10 episodes before the writers strike, so the current season still feels like the end of the first. Unlike Heroes, Terminator didn’t drop everything and start a new story after the strike. Also, unlike Heroes, Terminator doesn’t infuriate me at every opportunity.

Fox either needs to stop cancelling all of it’s high quality sci-fi shows before they have a chance to find an audience or just stop making them all together. If you don’t know how to market them, or don’t have the patience to let them properly gestate then stick to your strengths: reality shows about skanks, gameshows about skanks, reality game shows about skanks and skanks on parade in all their glorious skankdom.