“The Brown” Indeed

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I’m just sayin’… that wizard HAD some bird poop on his damn face. 

COMMENTERS: Hobbit viewing Fancy Bastards, how did you feel about Radagast’s portrayal in the movie? Too silly?  Too covered in animal excrement? Or just silly enough and covered with the exact right amount of excrement? What about the other changes from the book? I liked that Gandalf tells everyone he believes The Nectromancer is “The Enemy.” The casual movie going audience probably wouldn’t make the connection since it isn’t explicitly stated in the book.

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I Wanna Be High, So High

CRUISE FUNDRAISER: 83/100 prints are sold and and thanks to a couple of VERY generous donations from Fancy Bastard Sea Monkeys I am definitely going to be on the boat! Still, it would be great to sell that last few remaining prints before the end of the year. I am also going to leave up the additional prints and print packs for sale until probably February in case you want to get in on that action.

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I have a SO MANY opinions about seeing The Hobbit: Just Around The River Bend in 48 fps 3D. I posted them in a flurry of tweets a couple of nights ago. Here they are for your perusal:

  • Short version: 48fps 3D is an amazing tech breakthrough and a horrible way to watch a movie. Skip the gimmicks and you’ll enjoy it more.
  • The MoCap advances however are staggering. Most believable CG characters ever. So many opinions about The Hobbit. Long version to come.
  • Dark scenes with little movement looked unbelievable. As soon as the sun came out or the action started it was a cheap PBS documentary.
  • Never felt like I was immersed in Middle Earth. Constantly aware that what I was watching was fake. No opportunity to get lost in the world.
  • Never felt the epic grandeur that I got from LoTR. Didn’t feel much actually. Always too distracted by the frame rate to get emotional.
  • The 3D was barely noticeable and added nothing but additional distraction.
  • [Most of the movie felt like] a cross between a play and a PS3 cut scene.
  • [48 FPS is] more than ahead of its time. It might be a shift that is never appropriate if art is your goal.
  • I admit I am moved to tears during every LoTR movie. Sometimes just at the scale and grandeur. 48fps made that completely impossible.
  • Need to see 2D 24fps now. I feel like I haven’t even seen the movie. Just some weird tech demo.
  • [Martin Freeman’s] casting was inspired. As good as Elijah or Sean Astin.

COMMENTERS: Did you see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Surplus Of Frames? What did you think? What flavor did you partake in? Did your chosen viewing options impact your perception of the movie, as it did mine?

[Blog posted on 12/17/12 in order to include my review of the film and the charity auction info]

This Is The Beginning Of The End

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Thus begins our final storyline of the year, and perhaps of all time. No, I don’t mean I’m going to give up continuity in HijiNKS ENSUE. Rather, I expect many if not all of us will simply give up existence once the gravitational shift causes the Earth to split in half on Dec. 21, 2o12 as was foretold by some ancient idiots who weren’t precognizant enough to foretell their own demise. Either that or they got while the getting was good. “So long and thanks for all the maize,” if you get my drift. Regardless, after 12/21/12 the HijiNKS Ensuniverse will be forever changed. Of that much I am sure…

COMMENTERS: 12/12/12 is the last date of its kind for nearly 100 years. This seems to matter to number nerds for some reason. (SPOILERS: It does not actually matter). Are there any funny numbered dates that have a special meaning to you? 9/9/99 was the day the Sega Dreamcast launched. 9/19/99 was my wife and I’s first date. I won’t say which one of those days I remember more vividly, but here’s a hint: small mammals in track shoes were definitely involved.

UPDATE: There’s a new LoFi comic about Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. I hope you’re enjoying the more frequent LoFi’s. I’m really digging the “every other day” HE/LoFi situation from a creative standpoint.

The Red And Blue Glasses Of Westmarch

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The problem with 3D technology in modern cinema is that is it usually an unnecessary add-on designed to create false buzz and inflate ticket prices. Sure, occasionally a pick-axe or severed appendage will fly out of the screen and into your face, but it doesn’t really add anything to the overall experience. Say what you will about Avatar, but seeing that film in 3D was an experience unto itself. It truly was beautiful and it felt nothing like just “seeing” a movie. It felt like living through an event. I actually read that well-done 3D can trick your brain into storing movies in the place that it would normally store memories of real events. That said, most 3D movies trick your bain into spending money on them, sitting through them then storing the memories in the same place you lock away 4th grade wedgies, 5th grade accidental farts during book reports and 10th grade atomic wedgies.

Avatar showed us what 3D can be in the hands of someone that views it as a story telling medium unto itself, rather than just a gimmick. After watching Peter Jackson’s recent The Hobbit video diary, I feel like we might not be so quick to dismiss 3D as a flash in the pan studio money-grab. The tech he is developing and the techniques they are using to create The Hobbit are truly astounding. First of all they are shooting at 48 FPS (movies are 24FPS and we see around 60FPS) at 5K! That’s nearly 5 times more information than our best HD, being recorded at twice the frame rate. He says in the video that people equate viewing the footage to having the back of the theater cut out, and just watching real event happening on the other side. If that doesn’t get you excited, then your mind has surely been warped and twisted by Sauron. Also, by the last few Final Destination and Saw movies.

Perhaps we should start regulating what movies can and can’t be shot in 3D. Maybe there should be a test, or a review panel consisting of James Cameron, Peter Jackson and “Weird” Al Yankovic.

COMMENTERS: PLEASE WATCH THAT PRODUCTION DIARY! Ok, now are you feeling any sort of increased enthusiasm about 3D? If not, why? Where do you want to see this tech go? Obviously every movie doesn’t need to be in 3D. Where do we draw the line?

Old Friends, Familiar Faces

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I don’t mind Frodo being added to The Hobbit, despite the fact that he would have been a some kind of halfling larva during the events of the books. Now that Peter Jackson is at he helm I do not fear for the quality of the movie in the least. Where Tolkien is concerned, Peter Jackson can do no wrong. He took plenty of liberties with the Lord of the Rings trilogy in adapting them for film and I would say the stories were no worse for the ware. Forget that entire plot points, even entire chapters were left out of the films, there were plenty of times when a certain character;s actions were just attributed to a completely different character. Again, not a problem as long as Jackson is doing the driving. I firmly believe his editing, character alterations and scene deletion/combing are the only reasons LOTR was even filmable. To film the story as Tolkien wrote it would have been like trying to make a movie out of the assembly instructions for a Metalunan Interocitor.

Though I wouldn’t be surprised of the addition of Frodo had been a request from the studio. I can see the suits giving Jackson notes like, “Who was that little guy from the last 3 pictures? Frildo? Franco? Was it James Franco? The kid with the arm? Get him  back! We need the little guy or people won’t know what movie they’re watching! And what about this dragon? Can he be less Reign Of Fire and more How to Train Your…? We need something cute for the kiddos. Ok, what about that Narnia beaver? Kids love beavers! And are we married to this Gandalf? Can we get a different wizard? Get Disney on the phone and see if those Waverly Place kids have passports! And check IMDB and let me know if any of the Dumbledores are still alive. We need wizard options people!”