He’s wed, Jim.

3 seconds after the last panel, a lizard man comes running down the isle. Guess who he attacks first.

George Takei is taking advantage of the recent lift of the ban on gay marriage in California to wed his long time first officer, Brad Altman. Let’s hope Brad chooses less life endangering attire.

When I was drawing Mr. Sulu, I realized that he looks like a cross between Yoko Ono and (current face) Micheal Jackson. Combine that with the fact that he’s a vibrant 71 years old and, Mr. Altman, you’ve got yourself a catch.

I wonder if they will toast their love with delicious Tranya.  Only if Balok is catering, one would assume. It’s more likely that Clint Howard would be working as a busboy for the catering company.

While you wait patiently for your invite to the Takei-Altman nuptuals, you should really watch this (thanks Dram).