Cloudy With A Chance

The Fancy Sketch Drive is on! About 50/100 are already sold. Get in on this and help support me in a time of financial need while getting some sweet original art! I will draw damn near whatever you want (within reason) and I will do it live on Ustream (UPDATE: Due to a dead router I was unable to Ustream Friday. Going to try again Saturday).

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San Diego Comic-Con is next week! I will be hanging out at booth 1332 with Blind Ferret. Check my Twitter for signing times and availability. More info HERE.

Check out this board game my daughter and I made! You can download a PDF and play it with your kids.

This comic picks up from here, when Eli was trying to recover his buried “rememberies” of the night his helicopter… apparently didn’t crash. What the hell happened that made him go on a two week bender of drunk-bauchery? I suspect we’ll find out more when Joel looks up how to hypnotize someone on the Internet and starts monkeying around with Eli’s fragile, gelatinous brain parts.

COMMENTERS: What’s the craziest thing you ever did, or anyone ever did TO you to try to get you to break a bad habit?  I have a friend who has tried to quit smoking at least a dozen times over the last 10 years. Once when we were in our early twenties I took his entire pack of cigarettes and wrote “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” on every one of them in red pen. He noticed it the next morning and threw them away NOT because he was going to quit, but because he didn’t want to inhale the ink from the pen. Formaldehyde was fine, but ink? Hell no. That shit is gross.