Heroes Con 2010 Fancy Sketch Comic

Thanks to all the North Carolinian Fancy Bastards that came out to say hi at Heroes Con this year! I had a great time. Special thanks to Evan and Paul for being quality room mates for the weekend and to FB’s John, Amber and Mike (plus Mrs. Mike and daughter Mike) for the FB Karaokee Tweetup. That was a blast. All thanks be to vengeful Odin that everyonecould sing well (in our group at least). At one point the bouncer called out Mike for his Edward shirt and went off on a 5 minute rant about how EJO was thte REAL Edward. Good times.

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This particular comic is a true story, except that everything I said to Scot after the first panel happened in my head and later in conversation with Evan. Last night I was at an after party and the comic shop that puts on Heroes Con (Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find in Charlotte, NC) that Scott Adsit was also attending. I really wanted to show him this comic (and make sure it didn’t piss him off) but the opportunity never arose. At one point he was seeking out the Joss Whedon Astonishing X-Men trade but couldn’t find it. Considering the person and the subject matter, my geek-stinct (different from geek-stink) told me to assist, but again I didn’t want to impose. It seems like the comic is imposition enough. Also I was scared that I would refer to he and his female companion as “NERDS!” refer to the lack of air conditioning in the store as “…A DEALBREAKER LADIES!” or blurt out something like “YA JUST GOT HORNBERGER’d!” for absolutely no reason.