Hey, Phoenix! I am going to be at you this weekend!


I’ll be with Rob Denbleyker at the Cyanide & Happiness booth (#14076) from Thursday to Sunday (May 28-31). I’ll have HijiNKS ENSUE and FANEURYSM prints for sale, and Rob and I will be doing C&H sketches all weekend. Hope to see you there!

I get home on Monday June 1, and I’m also launching a new webcomic that day! (Assuming I do not fall prey to the BLOODWOLVES)

Stay tuned for a link and details.

Phoenix Comicon 2013 Fancy Sketches Part 2

Go to my store. I promise there is something there you will enjoy owning. In turn, I will enjoy owning your money.

Hey hey! It’s part 2 in my 2 part series of 2 sets of Fancy Sketches from 1 Phoenix Comicon! This set indirectly stars my friend John Scalzi, who is known for his best selling sci-fi novels, his love of churros and his crippling addiction to Coke Zero. I defaced his booth sign along with some other dudes for reasons.


He made this face when he saw it.



COMMENTERS: Your favorite author has just become a giant robot. Who is it, are they good or evil and (regardless) do they fight Godzilla?

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Cool art. 🙂 Wish I could have hit Phoenix.

oh, and FYI. Your site seems to have weird pop-up boxes that glide across the screen, and block your artwork. You may want to punch one of your ad-servers.

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Titmouse · 107 weeks ago

George R.R. Martin…. so hes pretty evil and just kills everone you love just as you really start to think everything is going to be fine!!
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Nakari · 107 weeks ago

H.P Lovecraft.

He’d probably be evil by modern standards. He would fight Godzilla, after taking down the Dutch. Man really hated the Dutch.

Teri's avatar

Teri · 107 weeks ago

Philip k Dick ‘bot would probably be good, and he’d eventually figure out that Godzilla is a robot. Then he and Jasper Ffordebot will open a portal into the Southland Tales universe.

The Mark Z Danielewskidroid would be the Tardis.

What would Kafkabot be like?

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zathael · 107 weeks ago

An enormous cockroach, obviously
Neil Gaiman. He is (obviously) good and he would clearly not directly fight Godzilla, but rather dazzle him with a cunning plan that would involve something absolutely brilliant.

Also, Wreck-It Doctor and Amy von Schweetz may be my favorite of your Fancy Sketches ever. Or possibly any drawing of all time.

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Hey thanks! That was the sketch-requesters idea, but I thought it came out pretty great. Actually the Amy was my idea, but hey whatever.
Asimov! And it would kill outside those pesky laws!
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Leshka · 107 weeks ago

Stephen King would spend 200 pages describing the path that Godzilla took to get to the city (complete with witty banter in it’s head,) then another 100 pages detailing the struggle between good and evil that robot King has to face. And then, because King is bad(ass,) he would team up with Godzilla and oh, so deliciously plunder the countryside, dedicating a good 50 or so pages to the raping of the women.

Yeah, I’m re-reading The Stand and it may be giving me a bias 🙂

 Stephen's avatar

Stephen · 107 weeks ago

Patrick Rothfuss. He would have a beard of writhing cables that would subdue all those who stand against him. He would be good, but misunderstood (probably because of the tentacle similarity to Davey Jones in the Pirate movies). He would fight Godzilla simply because any giant robot worth his salt would, but they would come to an understanding and Godzilla would agree to get a RoboBeer (just oil mostly) with him and teach him the names of all things.
Neil Gaiman. Good. And yes. He takes him down through deploying the powers of whimsey to turn Godzilla into a churro-eating, barbeque-providing friendly dinosaur.
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Grimslade · 107 weeks ago

Bran-don Sanderzon would differentiate his robot abilities depending on what fuel it consumed. It would be completely devoid of morality. Good, evil, are judgements by others. The death of Godzilla is only the beginning of the liberation of Monster Island.
I agree that Patrick Borgfuss would wield an electro beard mas grande, making Cthulhu jealous of his facial tentaclular superiority. He would fight Godzilla, but only to subdue him and help him end world hunger.
zathael's avatar

zathael · 107 weeks ago

Michael Crichton’s family, following the protocol he set out long before his death, reconstitutes his DNA into a artificially supported neural structure his son has spent the last 15 years constructing. At long, long last, he arises, stares at Godzilla and immediately starts postulating scientific reasons how Godzilla came about. After spending a number of hours intrinsically searching to find what really differentiates human nature from that of Godzilla, he realizes that Godzilla isn’t a force of nature, but a result of human nature. He resigns to the fact that Humanity will only destroy itself as he snaps Tokyo Tower in two and takes his place in the natural order.
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Andy · 107 weeks ago

Well you already did Scalzi perfectly. Joe Abecrombe would be an evil robot, covered in spikes and all dark metal. He would join Godzilla in trashing Tokyo. Richard K Morgan would start out not caring but eventually fight Godzilla because it benefited him.

David Brin, Vernor Vinge, Myke Cole would all be good robots. George Martin, Orson Scott Card and Stephen Erikson would all be evil.

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Nick H · 107 weeks ago

Raybot Chandler wakes from his cybernetic slumber and potters around the office, struggling with his programming. The coders wrote an ordered sense of right and wrong but something was off in the assembly. His circuits are corroded by a steady stream of brown liquors and he goes through the motions but can’t seem to muster up the respect for civic authority he should have. The Dame, Pneumattie, crashes through the dingy glass and asks for the third time if he’ll reconfigure her to forget that no good husbot. Problem is, Raybot’s already taken husbot’s dough and can’t bring himself to care which of the two has more corrupt data.
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Kathy J. · 107 weeks ago

Terry Pratchett would be a good guy, ambling along in his thin soled ancient footwear shaking hands with giant doorknobs, and when he meets Godzilla he hires him for the Ankh-Morpork city watch.

1 reply · active 106 weeks ago

Godzilla turns out to be particularly good at apprehending deliquent dragons. 🙂 Thanks for saying Pratchett! <3 <3 <3
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Candace · 107 weeks ago

Steven Brust would at first appear to be an evil giant robot, but ultimately turn out to be moderately good in the end. He would not fight Godzilla, but might convince him to jam with Brust’s giant robot band, which might result in the ultimate destruction, entertainment, and/or terrification of all within earshot.
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Ali · 107 weeks ago

Neil Gaiman. Neutral. He wouldn’t fight Godzilla directly, but he’d get him to stop rampaging…by teaching him about subtlety, thus leading to much more disturbing and nightmare-inducing terrorizing of Tokyo. (I mean did you SEE Nightmare in Silver?!)
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Richard · 107 weeks ago

Margaret Weis. She would probably fight Godzilla hut since she wrote all the stories about Draconians from the Dragonlance series, she’d know his reptilian weak spots and send him packing back to the ocean! he would return in the sequel to marry her so they could have Godzilla Jr and her understanding of draconians would make her the best reptile monster mom ever!
Bryce's avatar

Bryce · 107 weeks ago

Good, bad, everybody fights Godzilla. If you don’t fight Godzilla what’s the point of being a giant robot? What are you going to do, fight second string knock-offs from Sentai shows? Aliens with odd biblical themes that may actually be your mother? Other giant robots from series that are so commingled you don’t know who’s ripping who off when one turns into a jet?

No, screw that. Fight Godzilla, then you can worry about what else you do.

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Tom · 107 weeks ago

David Weber, and he’s good until someone lets him cross genres and mix science fiction with fantasy.
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skoby · 106 weeks ago

Ive got a bad feeling that George RR Martin would trap siblings and force them to do stuff. I think he would kill godzilla eventually but only after godzilla kills everyone you care about.
DuckAmuck's avatar

DuckAmuck · 106 weeks ago

Douglas Addams, back from the dead as a robot?
I don’t think so much “good” or “evil” as perhaps indifferent, apathetic and possibly depressed. Unless he can telepathically send out radio shows.
But then he’d watch the HHGG movie, and the depression would set in again.

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Aww, misspelling your favorite author’s name? That’s not right.
I hope that was your phone’s autocorrect.
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Chaucer59 · 102 weeks ago

MechaHarlanEllison fights Godzilla, melting flesh from the giant assembly of lizard bones with a spew of acid from his mouth and then defaces Gojira’s memory by reassembling the bones into a giant penis sculpture.


Phun In The Sun

My Ewok Stare shirts are only $15 while they last! 

Guys, Phoenix is phucking hot. It’s just a phact. Phoenix is hotter than Texas. Another phact. That ANYWHERE ON EARTH can be hotter than Texas and still sustain life is a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit with regards to defying nature and common sense to colonize a sweltering, lifeless desert. Between the heat and the escalating racism, it’s like Phoenix is trying to bite Texas’s whole style.

The ONLY embellishment in this comic is that Phoenix doesn’t have any birds because they all died. Also, David didn’t quite die. He wanted to, but I wouldn’t allow it. I needed him to help me take our booth apart after the convention.

COMMENTERS: What is the MOST BRUTAL heat you’ve ever been in? For me it was probably in highschool during marching band practice. We’d lose two weeks of summer vacation to prance around on asphalt in 105 degree weather at 98% humidity with zero shade and zero places to sit down that weren’t capable of producing 3rd degree burns. Add to that holding 15 pounds of brass in your hands and forcefully expelling all of your superheated oxygen through a tube, and it makes for a pretty abismal experience.

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Liam's avatar

Liam · 107 weeks ago

The humidity in the South is terrible. It is all moisture and as soon as you step outside you can feel it.

1 reply · active 107 weeks ago

The Unknown FB's avatar

The Unknown FB · 107 weeks ago

Agree with that. I exchanged Ohio-class lake effect snow and the two seasons of the year (Winter/Construction) for 108 degree summers with enough humidity to make we want to move to Phoenix just so I wouldn’t have to deal with sweat in hot weather.
I’ve lived in the PNW my whole life, so I’m basically part salamander. Which means I’m uncomfortable in any temperatures above 80 and any humidity lower than 90%. That said, I find heat ANYWHERE but hear to be bearable, because y’all are prepared for it. AC abounds, so its easy to get away from.

I once had a job canvassing in PDX, in 95 degree heat, during THE hottest part of the day, and I literally couldn’t carry enough water with me to keep from passing out. At one point I think I stopped asking for donations & just asked if I could lie in peoples sprinklers.

Kuwait 110-120 F. Antiperspirant was useless, deodorant only slightly less so.

The best was the sandstorms. You are soaked in sweat about 4 steps from the door, then the blowing sand & stuff turns the sweat to mud the some concrete like substance.

StephC's avatar

StephC · 107 weeks ago

I know the feeling. I’m from WNY, and our biggest band season is field band in the Fall when it regularly snows later in the season. That being said, our jackets were dark navy and weighed about 7 lbs so we wouldn’t freeze. We would always go on band trips in the Spring and once went to Florida with those jackets. And the weekends around Memorial day were always Spring competitions…and warm.
seriously's avatar

seriously · 107 weeks ago

Worst summer job I ever had was working as a theme park mascot in 100+ weather.
You couldn’t take the head off for ANY reason once you stepped into the park, you only got two 30 minute breaks, and my boss frowned upon us using our lunch breaks to soak in the pool to cool down.

I lasted two and a half weeks.

very, very carefully.
I have to disagree about dry vs. damp heat; at least with dry heat it’s theoretically possible to just keep drinking water, iced tea, etc. to stay hydrated, and if there’s a bit of a breeze it feels less hot than it is. If it’s humid, though … nothing but electrically-powered comfort (A/C and/or dehumidifiers) will help, otherwise you just freaking steam to death. [And anyone who looks down on Mexican culture for the siesta – that is, not working during the most viciously hot part of the day – is a freakin’ idiot.]

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lou's avatar

lou · 107 weeks ago

We need siestas here in America. They sound awesome!
Lynne's avatar

Lynne · 107 weeks ago

The past eight summers I’ve worked at an outdoor day camp in the DFW area, and the hottest I’ve ever been was one day when it was 106 but humid enough that the heat index was 115. We canceled all activities not involving water, set up sprinklers all over camp so the kids could play in them when not swimming or doing the slip-n-slide, and didn’t have our afternoon staff meeting for the first time in camp history. The best part was that I had to direct traffic out in our parking lot during pickup, where we literally fried an egg on the asphalt once the cars had left. I have pretty good heat tolerance, but that was absolutely miserable.
Any time I think it might br “too hot” I just think back to that February when it was minus 40 and the heater in my car broke and I had to drive with the windows open or the front window would freeze over on the inside and I’d have to scrape ice off of the inside at stop lights…

There’s no such thing as too hot out.

chris's avatar

chris · 107 weeks ago

An Ohioan here… we really do get the worst of both worlds. Freezing cold winters, and 90+degrees, 90% humidity summers. Hooray!

1 reply · active 107 weeks ago

The Unknown FB's avatar

The Unknown FB · 107 weeks ago

The heat lasts for about 2 days between winter storms, or de-slush time/slush up time as well.
tudza's avatar

tudza · 107 weeks ago

I had the heaves once, but it was OK because it was the dry heaves.
Paul's avatar

Paul · 107 weeks ago

I was in Phoenix once to hear a morning DJ declare “It’s going to be cool today, 90 degrees” and to find out the Phoenix Zoo ships out their aquatic animals during the summer because they can’t keep the water cool enough for them.

The WATER is too hot for life in Phoenix.

I have a photo of a thermometer in the shadows under the eaves of the kitchen building at the orphanage in Mozambique where I spent a week showing 50 degC (122F). It was hot. Although we were relatively near to the coast, so there was a breeze for some of the time, so I coped.

I also spent a week in Tunisia on holiday with teh wife a number of years ago. Burnt the tops of my feet on the first day. They went purple. Spent most of the week in a long-sleeve t-shirt, trousers, socks and shoes, seeking out air conditioning. Even went riding on a camel into the Sahara. Don’t know the exact temp, but it was decidedly warm…

 Stephen's avatar

Stephen · 107 weeks ago

My band director had the sense (as much as he hated it) to move our rehearsals inside when the a Judge told the schools that they couldn’t work their students outside. It was only like 101 though. We could have made it. LOW BRASS FOREVER!

P.S. I live in Mississippi, where it is almost always 90+% humidity. While I understand that you have no desire to be baked in an oven (and neither do I), we would love to get a little dry heat every once and a while.

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Allen's avatar

Allen · 106 weeks ago

Oh damn. I remember summers in marching band practice (Trombone player here). I also remember the heat causing me to have dizzy spells twice.
Lawrence's avatar

Lawrence · 107 weeks ago

Golan Heights in Israel in July. it was 105 in the shade and super humid. No A/C, and fans just made it worse. I just tried not to move. I wanted to kill myself, but that would have required moving.

And dry heat is much more tolerable because of a little thing called evaporative cooling. The next year I was in Vegas for two days with highs of 112. It was beautiful.

1 reply · active 107 weeks ago

Gotta agree — an 83 degree humid summer day here in New York is absolutely more miserable than a dry 98 degree day in Arizona.

Although 112 is damn hot, no matter how little moisture is in the air

scarlettb's avatar

scarlettb · 107 weeks ago

El Paso, Texas. August. 112 degrees. Outdoor wedding. Polyester bridesmaid’s dress.

1 reply · active 107 weeks ago

Several years ago, I was at an outdoor softball tournament in Indianapolis in 112 degree heat. I got second degree burns on my nose and now for the rest of my life, I have to put sunscreen on it every time I go outside lest I get cancer.
Dan's avatar

Dan · 107 weeks ago

I’d rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona.
Spacey's avatar

Spacey · 107 weeks ago

Ages ago back in HS I was in a marching band that played in a parade in Vegas. While everyone else was passing out I was doing fairly well since I grew up just outside Phoenix.
Mark's avatar

Mark · 107 weeks ago

It was about 115 in Baghdad during the summer, and I was usually sitting in the turret of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle wearing an OTV (flak vest)….so about 120+ degrees Fahrenheit. Think that was bad? At least I usually had my hatch open so I could feel a breeze, the dismount troops in the back didn’t even have that.
Nephaline's avatar

Nephaline · 107 weeks ago

Rarely get high temperatures in the Canadian Prairies, but one summer there was a week of 44 Celsius with high humidity. Thankfully I had air conditioning.

The worst heat I can remember when travelling, was in Texas in June back in the 80’s. The humidity was so high, I couldn’t sweat, and felt like I was being smothered when trying to sleep at night in hotels that didn’t have air conditioning.

Trips to California, Florida and Arizona were always in the winter, so the weather was mild, sometimes even a cold snap. Our family always stood out as the crazy people wearing shorts, and the only ones at the beach.

Joe Sanderson's avatar

Joe Sanderson · 106 weeks ago

Here in the UK, hot days are a blessing, as our summer for the past few years seems to have been ‘the one day in June when it didn’t rain and everyone in the country had a barbecue.’
But, in May this year, I was doing Anglo-Norman reenactment at a castle in Shropshire and the heat for all three days was intense. It was made worse by the fact that I was wearing two linen tunics, a gambeson (padded armour- imagine a wearable duvet) and then 45lb of chainmaille over all of that. Oh, and a nasal helmet. The metal became too hot to touch to the extent that people were burning themselves, salt started crystallizing on my gambeson when it was exposed to direct sun, and I had to ring my tunics out repeatedly.
I live in Phoenix so…

When I was young, my friend had some cousins stay for the summer from the northeast. His father took them out to the street like the second day, broke an egg on the asphalt, and as they watched it fry (because they really will) he said, “This is why we don’t go outside without shoes.”
People going barefoot in summer is something we only see in books and magazines.

Mary's avatar

Mary · 105 weeks ago

I’m native to Phoenix. The temperature made 122 degrees a few years ago in July. Its only for a few days each year that we top 110.
Acadius's avatar

Acadius · 104 weeks ago

Spent a blistering weekend doing Amtgard at Fort Travis Seashore Park, Bolivar Peninsula, TX. Roasted all weekend getting 2nd degree sunburns and no way to walk down to the water and cool off, painful! Winning the Kingdom of Wetlands first Kingdom-wide Jugging tournament, Priceless!
Yeah, unless I’m wearing a suit or something, I can typically shrug off heat up to about 110. But there’s something about that number. And the fact that Phx so often surpasses it. It just breaks your spirit.
A couple weeks ago I interviewed for a job in western Washington.

Phoenix Comicon 2013 Fancy Sketches Part 1

The Phoenix Phancy Bastards had some excellent sketch requests this year. Here’s part 1 of a 2 part collection of my favorites. Looks like Gallifrey Comicon might not be too far away since we just discovered Gallifrey.

COMMENTERS: Speaking of Gallifrey Comicon, in what fictional geek genre place would you like to see a comic convention held? What are the panels, the events, etc? Who are the speakers?

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If anyone wants the original Josh “Powergirl” black and white art, it’s for sale. $30 shipped in the USA.

4 replies · active 107 weeks ago

Scott's avatar

Scott · 107 weeks ago

I’d love to get the Josh Powergirl piece. How to get it?
Paypal $30 (if you’re in the US) to store at hijinksensue dot com and include your mailing address. Also let me know if I should sign it to anyone.


Scott's avatar

Scott · 107 weeks ago

Will do, thanks
Scott's avatar

Scott · 107 weeks ago

I don’t see a direct link form that piece, so will “donate” $30 and mention inthe comments what it’s for and where to send it. Thanks!
Bryce's avatar

Bryce · 107 weeks ago

Moria could be an epic convention hall once they cleaned the place up.
Adwxxx's avatar

Adwxxx · 107 weeks ago

lou's avatar

lou · 107 weeks ago

I can see Coruscant hosting a Con, since a planet-covering city just HAS to have a totally bitching convention center. Then again, organizing something that size would be a nightmare.
Candace's avatar

Candace · 107 weeks ago

Love the Captain Jacks and the Josh!
…is that the temporal dimensional pod from 7 Days?
Charles Foster Kane's avatar

Charles Foster Kane · 107 weeks ago

So I guess Benedict Cumberbatch plays Khan in the new Star Trek movie? I’m seeing Star Trek tonight because it didn’t open sooner in my country, so that kind of spoils it for me 🙁

1 reply · active 100 weeks ago

Yeah, don’t go to geeky American websites until you’ve seen it.
Andy's avatar

Andy · 107 weeks ago

If you would make a fancy, weathered-looking print of the Vitruvian Zuul, I would be so happy (and pay you moneystuff for it).

Mostly True Convention Stories: I’ve Just Made A Huge Mistake

Phoenix Comicon was a tonnage’o fun as always. David was my travel companion, roommate and life partner (con husband) for a week (also as always). Saturday night we had the very Arrested Development related debate illustrated in the panels above. At least the first two, maybe two and a half panels of it. In the end, we decided that wives were the way to go (plus the hotel Internet was so shitty, I expect it would have been a less than optimal viewing experience… also wives… yes, happy wives). I’ve been home for all of 14 minutes, so I am going to go sit in a familiar chair, in a familiar state that is (at least currently) below 100 degrees outside, eat some familiar leftovers and get my Bluth on.

COMMENTERS: Without getting into spoilers AT ALL, have you watched the new Arrested Development episodes? What are your initial thoughts? I am hearing bad things on twitter, but I am reserving judgement until I’ve seen them for (and blue’d) myself.

Comments (31)

Excellent advice. Make sure that you watch them in order to savour the funny. I just finished episode 15 and found it was impressively good how each episode connected with each other.

Season 5/The Movie can’t come out fast enough though. </frustrated-impotent-fanboy-whinge>

Echelon Four's avatar

Echelon Four· 105 weeks ago

I’ve seen about 6 of them. I thought they were good. The structure of each episode focuses on a particular character, rather than all episodes being everyone. I think that is what is causing the negative reactions. The show is still good, it just doesn’t live up to the impossible standards set for it.
negativsteve's avatar

negativsteve· 105 weeks ago

I didn’t care for the “Focus on one character per episode” format at first, but as I watched a few episodes and all of the pieces began to fit together, it began to grow on me. Now that I have burned through the entire season, I really enjoyed it. I am going to wait a week or two and burn through the episodes again, looking for details and subtleties that I missed the first time around.
Jordan's avatar

Jordan· 105 weeks ago

I’ve honesty enjoyed it, even going in as a longtime fan. The whole season is one mega-story that builds upon itself, which means some jokes are only going to be caught on a second viewing. That said, it still feels like Arrested, and the long-term storytelling is enjoyable. The biggest burden is the catch-up for each character, but most have two episodes to spread their wings and have fun.
When you get to Episode 11, you are going to be in for a shock.
I will say nothing else.
Except to make the bold statement that this Season of AD is the “Cloud Atlas” of sitcoms. Make of that statement what you will.
Orion M's avatar

Orion M· 105 weeks ago

Season 4 is brilliant. It’s very dense, and it takes a couple episodes to build before everything starts falling into place. But it’s really, really good.

…it’s much darker than I anticipated. Much darker than anything that happened in the first three seasons. But still brilliant.

(Also, Seth Rogen as young George Sr. He’s very good!)

I’m 10 episodes in and it’s cleverly put together, I like the way the series gradually reveals more details in scenes that have already been shown. Also some very funny moments and great in-jokes from the first three series.
Its brilliant, but you basically have to watch it all at once to get the brilliant mesh that exists. The pacing is actually wonderful, and I found the format and style to be a really nice break from the predictability of sitcoms.
It’s SUPER meta. I remember it as being subtle meta before, but now it’s sort of like hard to relax and watch it. Every third second it’s like the creators are screaming “HEY GUYS! WE’RE A TV SHOW! WE’RE TOTALLY A TV SHOW! IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE WE ARE SELF-AWARE AND A TV SHOW!” Other than that, it’s pretty good.
Little typo in the title there. “Convetion”. Anyway, off to watch AD.
redd galaxie's avatar

redd galaxie· 105 weeks ago

The writing is amazing. I enjoyed the hell out of almost all of it. I didn’t really care for the ending. A few questions were left unanswered, and the end on an awkward note.
DuckAmuck's avatar

DuckAmuck· 105 weeks ago

I saw 1. The “making fun of our situation” jokes are clever as well as cleverly hidden.
My main thing was: wow – I’d forgotten all these people were in it, and THIS is what they look like now?
I haven’t seen it yet because my husband’s all “but I don’t remember the previous seasons enough, so we must now watch them all, but I’m not going to propose this until the latest, newest season is out!” like a huge asshole. The promo looked really disappointing, though.
Cole's avatar

Cole· 105 weeks ago

This is a show I’ve been with since the second episode aired, and I was not disappointed. The altered structure means that there’s less progression per episode than many people may be used to, but we have half a decade of catching up to.

I loved it. A perfect balance of what makes Arrested Development what it is and new ideas and structure to keep things interesting.

It’s okay. I’m not rolling on the floor laughing like I used to be, but I don’t regret seeing it through either.
Candace's avatar

Candace· 105 weeks ago

I haven’t seen the show at all, I just wanted to say the 3rd panel is hilarious! The facial expressions, the body language – perfect!
I dunno. I think “Sex with a man” would possibly enrage your spouses.

1 · active 105 weeks ago

That was the punchline.
Binged over the weekend and thought it was great. It tells one continuous story (the last 5 years in the history of the Bluths) and so there was a strong temptation to binge all of it, which you may or may not want to try to avoid.
I saw it. Loved it. Wish we got a little more tying-up of plot threads (especially GOB’s) but it was pretty great overall. No chicken dance though.
Liam's avatar

Liam· 105 weeks ago

So you played with David’s Transformers?

1 · active 104 weeks ago

The Unknown FB's avatar

The Unknown FB· 104 weeks ago

There may have been some shortpacked hijinks.
neminem's avatar

neminem· 105 weeks ago

Yep, that was me, only I was the one who made my girlfriend not watch it without me.

I’ve now watched about half of it, and I agree with the general consensus so far that the first couple episodes weren’t as good as the average AD episode, but subsequent episodes so far have not only been quite up to part with the best of them, but also retroactively made the first couple way funnier, too.

1 · active 105 weeks ago

neminem's avatar

neminem· 105 weeks ago

(Well, and she didn’t, obviously, decide to instead get it on with a girl while I was gone. At least, not to my knowledge.)
Videostoreguy's avatar

Videostoreguy· 104 weeks ago

Frankly, I was just happy to see AD back. It was like pizza: even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. But the fact that we may never see new ones again weighs on me.

1 · active 97 weeks ago

You will see new ones.
Chaucer59's avatar

Chaucer59· 99 weeks ago

Unsexiest bromance moment ever.