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The problem with 3D technology in modern cinema is that is it usually an unnecessary add-on designed to create false buzz and inflate ticket prices. Sure, occasionally a pick-axe or severed appendage will fly out of the screen and into your face, but it doesn’t really add anything to the overall experience. Say what you will about Avatar, but seeing that film in 3D was an experience unto itself. It truly was beautiful and it felt nothing like just “seeing” a movie. It felt like living through an event. I actually read that well-done 3D can trick your brain into storing movies in the place that it would normally store memories of real events. That said, most 3D movies trick your bain into spending money on them, sitting through them then storing the memories in the same place you lock away 4th grade wedgies, 5th grade accidental farts during book reports and 10th grade atomic wedgies.

Avatar showed us what 3D can be in the hands of someone that views it as a story telling medium unto itself, rather than just a gimmick. After watching Peter Jackson’s recent The Hobbit video diary, I feel like we might not be so quick to dismiss 3D as a flash in the pan studio money-grab. The tech he is developing and the techniques they are using to create The Hobbit are truly astounding. First of all they are shooting at 48 FPS (movies are 24FPS and we see around 60FPS) at 5K! That’s nearly 5 times more information than our best HD, being recorded at twice the frame rate. He says in the video that people equate viewing the footage to having the back of the theater cut out, and just watching real event happening on the other side. If that doesn’t get you excited, then your mind has surely been warped and twisted by Sauron. Also, by the last few Final Destination and Saw movies.

Perhaps we should start regulating what movies can and can’t be shot in 3D. Maybe there should be a test, or a review panel consisting of James Cameron, Peter Jackson and “Weird” Al Yankovic.

COMMENTERS: PLEASE WATCH THAT PRODUCTION DIARY! Ok, now are you feeling any sort of increased enthusiasm about 3D? If not, why? Where do you want to see this tech go? Obviously every movie doesn’t need to be in 3D. Where do we draw the line?

IT’S A [tourist] TRAP!

I saw District 9 this weekend and it was fantastic. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any scifi loving geek out there. I heard this from a lot of people, and I can’t agree more that District 9 was unlike any movie I have ever seen. I’m not saying it was the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen, just that it was unique. It told a story I have never heard before (alien apartheid) in a way I have never experienced. I don’t know how else to explain it, other than to encourage you to see and enjoy it.

The film didn’t seem to follow any established Hollywood conventions. It smelled like an indie film made for $20,000, but it looked like a blockbuster with an 8 figure budget. As far as the alien effects go, District 9 features the most believable onscreen CG actors I’ve ever seen. The alien’s (or Prawns as they’re called) blended in with the humans and the bleek scenery of their shanty town perfectly. You never questions whether or not they’re real. They’re just alive. A good comparisson would be the non-CG orcs in Lord of the Rings. You know they aren’t really orcs because orcs don’t exist, but you don’t think they’re fake because they are clearly humans underneath the makeup and armor. That’s the sense I get from the Prawns.

Anyway, go see it and have fun.

If you’ve seen the film, please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF SPOILERS since this is still the first week of release.



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