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COMMENTERS: Please pitch your own Breaking Bad “sPUNoffs.” 

The 2013 DIGITAL FANCY SKETCH DRIVE is still going through the end of this week! Check out the details and order yours HERE.

MY WIFE KEEPS MAKING AWESOME STUFF! My wife has a super cool, ultra geeky jewelry shop on Etsy. You can see her Tetris necklace andt the just announced Harry Potter inspired Quidditch necklace. Check out dat Quaffle!  

quidditch necklace

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Surely the time is right for the Star Trek slash-fic rom-com – “Bonking Borg”?

Or perhaps, in these times of financial austerity, a look at life at the bottom of the financial ladder, where every loaf counts: “Banking Bread”?

Or a remake of the Monkees, charting life as an up and coming music group – “Breaking Band”?

psuedoname's avatar

psuedoname · 96 weeks ago

Brad Pitt goes on a series of rollercoasters after a big meal – Barfing Brad
Weaselspoon's avatar

Weaselspoon · 96 weeks ago

An evil genius has hoisted an entire German spa town onto wheels and it is rapidly accelerating towards the Swiss. To prevent the outbreak of war, our hero is going to have to do all he can to stop it. Coming this fall: Braking Baden-Baden
Giffy's avatar

Giffy · 96 weeks ago

There’s a bloody war among the rams and ewes, and finally, through all the turmoil, out arises the new monarch: Great King Baa.
An 80 year old grandmother, is forced to reexamine her life when her entire small town gets dysentery … there’s only one way she knows to stop the impending shit storm. This fall, granny’s got the cure: Baking Bran
Van Helsing comes to America to discover a massive vampire colony in LA. Catch “Staking Vlad” next on Fox!
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mokatz · 96 weeks ago

The Swedish Chef: Borking Bork. (Bork!)
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Nathan deGargoyle · 96 weeks ago

Will Shakespear’s new cookery show – Baking Bard.
I’ll get me coat – Taxi!
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Benjamin Mansfield · 96 weeks ago

A trendy new trend breaks out this fall as trees begin to drop their leaves. Make sure to tune into Raking Fad.
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Benjamin Mansfield · 96 weeks ago

Winter is coming!! Tune into HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff throwback to the founders of House Stark – Brrr!! Aching Back!!
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Mcecny · 96 weeks ago

Cesar Millans new reality show on training attack dogs – Barking Mad!
Sesame Street has fallen on hard times. To get by, Big Bird has to take up a hard hat and join the local construction company. Bricking Bird!
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Gemma · 94 weeks ago

Nice necklace. It should go really well with my new breaking bad shirt.
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Daemnor · 26 weeks ago

“Bunking Bald”