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The Doctor Is In T-Shirt

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I will be at the Topatoco table on the webcomics floor Saturday 5/7 and Sunday 5/8.

BOOK 2 SHIPPING UPDATE: There are only about 50 more UFE’s left to sketch and mail out. I am getting them done in chunks of 10 to 15 every couple of days. If you are still waiting, I greatly appreciate your patience.

I basically wrote this comic via twitter while waiting for Obama to make his statement. A couple of my fellow internet cartoon people also made with the funny.

@shortpacked Are the folks outside the White House singing Yub Nub?

@MattMetlvin Osama was shot in the head, so you can all stop worrying about him coming back as a zombie, guys.

COMMENTERS: If you feel like making jokes, then feel free to offer your best Situation Zone anchor line related to Bin Laden’s demise. If the recent events don’t put you in a joking mood, feel free to abstain. I know people are taking this different ways and for some it’s not all fun and laughs. Please be respectful in the comments since this is more sensitive issue for some readers.