Luna Nueva

Due to overwhelming demand, the Team Edward shirt from this comic is now in the HE Store.

Do you know about The Vault?
Fancy Bastards with Vault access got to see this comic early and read the original script which contains a deleted first panel. There’s also desktops, iPhone wallpapers, behind the scenes art, unfinished comics and bonus HE Podcasts.

Speaking of Podcasts… THE HE PODCAST IS BACK!!!

Many of you who follow me on Twitter know that we had a family medical emergency with our daughter on Monday and we spent most of the evening in the ER. Everyone is fine now, and I want to thank you all for the outpouring of well wishes and kind words. It really helped me through one of the worst nights of my life.
So… yeah, I don’t think I need to really go into detail about my opinions on

Twilight: New Moon: I’m pretty sure you all know how I feel. Just enjoy the comic for what it’s worth and let us think of more pleasant things. Of vampires that don’t sparkle and do have fangs.

You might want to check on Friday around 12am… I’m not saying, but I’m just sayin’. Man it smells like savings in here.

All but 19 UFE’s are sketched and shipped. The rest will leave this week. Thank you so much for your patience. I am trying to make sure the sketches are extra special to make up for the lateness.

If you are planning on ordering something for the HE Store for the holidays, PLEASE READ!!!

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Some of my SHIRTS don’t ship from Topatoco
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