Under The Bridge Downtown: Epilogue

The swap meet will live on, Rob… in our hearts. [queue theme song]

Final super special thanks to Rob D of Cyanide and Happiness for guest starring in this series of comics.

Do you guys want a big (11X17) print with all 4 of the “Under The Bridge Downtown” comics on it? Say for $15? Comment below.

UPDATE: Here’s a mock up at 11X14. I was kind of surprised that the comics still read well when chopped up and reformatted into a 4 panel format.
UPDATE 2: It’s in the store for a limited time! Get it while you can.

Under The Bridge Downtown Print


The Dallas Webcomics Expo – Aug 21 in Plano, TX
With Something*Positive, Cyanide and Happiness, Gastrophobia and Complex Actions

Here are some more shows I am doing in the next few weeks:

Baltimore Comic-Con: Aug 28-29 @ in Baltimore, MD

Dallas Animefest: Sept 3rd – Sept 6th, 2010 Dallas, TX @ Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion
with Shortpacked and Two Lumps

The NeverDigging Story

Today’s comic is the miracle baby of this comic and this comic. I wonder if I’ve violated any international statutes by doing two “Neverending Story” references withing a 12 month period. I’ll probably get a small fine and slap on the wrist at most.

The current HE server was able to withstand the last two front page Digg’s MUCH better than my old shared hosting solution, but there was still several hours of down time for each bediggification.

Regarding the comic, I tried something different this time. I DREW the comic… ON PAPER!!!


Check that out! It’s like a new (old) world. This was basically a test to see if I was still able to draw when pixels weren’t involved. I’m considering making this a regular thing and selling the one of a kind, signed originals with a print of the finished comic. Any interest?


After announcing the Donation Drive yesterday you guys have already knocked  me on my ass. Monthly subscriptions are at $280/month (over 10% of the goal!) and you sent an additional $500 in one time donations! I am floored by your support and generosity.

The goal to keep The Experiment going is get $2000-$2500/month (roughly half my required income to take care of my bills and family) in Donation Subscriptions in the next 30-60 days. Get ready for me sounding like a broken record because this is going to be my main focus for the next month. Together, I’m pretty sure we can make this happen.

Special thanks to Adam and Chris at Save Hiatus for pimping the Donation Drive. It’s like they have had practice rallying people around a  cause or something.

If you have already donated, or are unable to, please spread the word about what we are trying to accomplish. The more Fancy Bastards the better!

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Project Cloverfield: Top Secret Bath Gel?

J.J. Abrams has been quite geek-prolific these last few years. I can almost forgive him for Felicity. I remember when I told Josh “Cloverfield” might be a Cthulhu movie. He shit out his soul right then and there. He has a plush version of the “Great Old One” on his desk.

Zachary Quinto being cast as Spock is an interesting and appropriate choice. Just look at the logic in those eyebrows!

In what may be his worst lapse in judgement (or anyone else’s for that matter), internets have it that J.J. wants to put Tom “Fear me for I am Galactic Space Lord Xenu!” Cruise in the new Trek as Captain Christopher Pike. People keep trying to find new and exhilarating ways to make me hate Star Trek. I hope they hobble that alien worshiping shit bag with a tire iron and stuff him in that beeping iron lung/washing machine from The Cage.

For what it’s worth, I think Wesley would turn out to be a Sith. He’s got daddy issues. If any Hollywood-types are interested, I am willing to sell the rights to “Geek-Splosion” and the geek-quel, “Geek-splosion II: Xena and the Highlander Race Light Cycles with Tron and the Goonies, and at least one of the Corey’s…..Seaquest, War Games, Last Starfighter.” Let me rifle through a box of old VHS in the garage and we can work out a deal for episodes 3 through 6 too.

Bastian, say my name! Yeahhh. Say it, bitch. Momma like. Who’s your empress?”