Good Night And Good Riddance


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COMMENTERS: I don’t have much else to say. I’m just happy to be able to reflect on the events of last week and hope for better, less traumatic nightmare scenarios in the future. When the news is all bad, do you like to stay plugged in, learning as much as you can, or do you like to tune out and wait until the dust settles to find out what happened? Is there any particular story or national event that you remember following obsessively or trying to avoid completely?

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The pop-up text is pretty optimistic wishful thinking. #debbiedowner
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Morlock · 110 weeks ago

you should add this link, as it is quite similar to what you’ve got dere.,…
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thelogos · 110 weeks ago

I’ve tuned out of the news since Gulf War 2: The War-en-ing for Freedom! Justice! (and oil)
I tend to be like an empath for negativity, if I were to get sucked into the news it would ruin my mood for the week. That being said, I couldn’t help but get sucked in when the news was happening live on Reddit and Twitter staying up much later than I should have.
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Mr C · 110 weeks ago

I like to take bad news in midsized doses, also i want that last panel blown up, in a giant frame, over my desk, but that would probably get me in trouble for it’s somewhat nsfw language
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Wesley · 110 weeks ago

As a non-american, Boston still dominated our news whereas similar (and deadlier) events within the same range of kilometers didn’t even make the frontpage of the news. The hypocrisy of it is infuriating and reeks of racism.Don’t get me wrong: it’s bad news, of course, but I would expect professional journalism to at least make an attempt to not totally ignore 36 dead in bombings on the same day in another country while Boston (again: this is foreign news for us) gets special editions on state tv. That’s why I tune out of main stream media more than usual.

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I think the typical US attitude top to bottom is “Yeah but that kind of stuff happens in those countries ALL THE TIME.” The world needs to remember that the US is still a teenager in terms of being a nation and it acts very much that way. We are invincible until proven otherwise, myopic in our world view and look at nearly everyone else as second class citizens. Give us a couple of hundred more years. We’ll either be much wiser or gone.
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Zee · 110 weeks ago

Oh dsfkjg, you have no idea how much I agree with this. I also saw a report that called the Boston Bombing the “worst terrorist act since 9/11”. And I was like… *TABLEFLIP!* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH! That headline is so unspeakably, incredibly, intensely, moronically, asininely WRONG!!
I wanted to “terrorize” whomever wrote it.
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lou · 110 weeks ago

And where are you from where it’s worse off than Boston, anyway?
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Nephaline · 110 weeks ago

I’m pretty out of touch when it comes to news. Since the switch to digital signal, I can no longer get the local or national news shows, it wasn’t the greatest, but I do actually miss it. Now my news is whatever I see on as I’m going to check my email. Seems to be a lot of entertainment news, blah!
Prefer to live in my bubble and avoid the negative stuff.
*raises coffee mug*
Cheers to next week! sluuurp…
last frame = epic. Eyebrows and all.
I would watch a real reporter who said this forever.
I’ll tune the news out. We only know so much of what happened and the media will keep repeating it constantly.
I’m going to completely date myself here, but I was in high school when the whole OJ Simpson thing happened. I remember my dad calling to me in my dungeon lair of a basement to come watch the action as a helicopter followed the white Bronco for hours. I kinda stood there watching for about 30 seconds and just asked him to tell me what happened when it was over.
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bubujin_2 · 110 weeks ago

I’ve always been a newspaper reader since my days in college and I used to watch a fair amount of CNN international news. But ever since 911 I pretty much avoid any TV news. There’s one news “paper” site I regularly go to for their free downloadable PDF newspaper, click on and read through some of their news feeds, and then rely on Yahoo and other sites when/if I want more news.
I haven’t heard much good news in the last 9 years. I gave up on most of it until I picked up the Daily Show again last year.