I Want You To Curve The Bullshit

News Version: Morgan Freeman crashed a car and had to pried out with the jaws of life.
True Version: Lucious Fox was testing a new TUMBLER for Bruce Wayne and had a problem merging.

News Version: Shia Labeouf got drunk and wrapped his car around a tree, crush his hand and may lose a finger.
True Version: Bumblebee got drunk on Energon Cubes, kidnapped Labeouf, wrapped himself around a tree and bit off Shia’s hand in a drunken fit.

Come on, Angelina! Society craves suffering in 3’s! Give is the hat-trick! I actually feel bad about making light of Morgan Freeman‘s recent hardships. He’s proved himself to be a badass or more than one occaision (let’s not speak of “The Bucket List.”)


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