We Have A 2319!


Monsters Inc 2 Parody Boo Print

Expertly colored by Silkspinner from Complex Actions, who you may also remember from THIS GUEST COMIC.

$15 + shipping.
Printed at 11″X17″ on high quality stock.
Suitable for framing.

When you really think about what happened to Boo, it’s not surprising that she went all revenge-alante monster murderer. I’m sure during those 10 years she spent in the asylumhome for troubled children who have been kidnapped, taken to an alternate dimension and tortured for three days by nightmarish creatures” she had plenty of time to plan her next move. After devising a way to re-enter the monster realm she began stalking her prey and taking them out one by one, making sure to collect a souvenir from each kill. What I’m saying is Monsters Inc. 2 is basically Kill Bill meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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