Survival of The Crispiest

One might contend that the gas tank is actually still filled with gasoline and Eli, after a long day of replacing a car engine with a deep fryer and drinking, just doesn’t realize. A sure fire indicator would be if his esophogus liquified.

Death Race” seems like the kind of movie you could really enjoy if you’d just drank 16 gallons of beer through a tube. Dumb explodey fun. I’m going to go ahead and call this whole genre “Carsplode!“. I assume I’ll eventually see it the same way I see all Carsplode! movies starring Jason Statham, halfwatching it on TNT on a Sunday afternoon while I’m working.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson has decided that he’s ‘sploded cars so superbly and so “to the max” in “Death Race” that he can’t ever top it in terms of killing cars on film, so he’s decided not to make “Spy Hunter.” As long as we’re thinking of adapting arcade car games to films, how about “San Francisco Rush 2049“? That game kicked ass.



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