Twas The Night… (Guest Comic by Tindómiel Muinamir)

…Of The Living Dead Before Christmas

(Alternate Title: “Zombiesplode!”)

Tindómiel Muinamir caps off the week of Fancy Bastard holiday guest comics with her zombie-fied Santa tale. I was super excited when Tindómiel (Christine) agreed to contribute a  comic since I was already a fan of her artwork for Jonathan Coulton’s t-shirt design contest (hers is HERE), and her costume making/songwriting/singing/violin…ing ability.

My favorite part of this comic (besides all of it) is that Eli and I are asleep on the couch in our regular clothes, and Josh is in silken PJ’s. You might think they are just PJ’s, but I promise you they are delicate and silken.

Check out the “making of” process HERE.

Happiest of holidays to all you Fancy Bastards. Enjoy your families, your friends and your food.


It seems The FSM’s noodley appendage has other plans for me. Family obligations have made comicing impossible for the last several days. I have one that I want to get out before the end of the year, but right now I can say exactly when it will be.

Happy Holidays!


Update 2:

Looks like VG Cats unknowingly made the sequel to this comic (HERE).