Guest Comic By Brian Patterson Of d20 Monkey: “The World According To L.A.R.P.”

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NEWS! I will not be attending HeroesCon this weekend. Read more HERE. Sorry, Charlotte Fancy Bastards.

GUEST COMIC WEEK ROCKETS INTO TOMORROW! In celebration of my 30th birthday I’m taking the week off. How can you help celebrate my 1/3 life crisis? Oh I don’t know… maybe¬†donate, get something off the wish list or buy something from the store or Sharksplode? Sure. Why not. Whatever.

Today’s foam tipped and cardboard shielded guest comic comes from Brian Patterson of d20 Monkey! The last time Brian sat in for me it was one of the best received guest comics in HE history (HEstory, or HijiNKS ENSUstory), so of course when the need arose I asked him to take the reigns once more. I do apologize to any of you Fancy Bastards that can’t control the boners produced by panel 3. If boners persist for more than four hours, please see a physician.