Sugar And Spice And Everything Knives

Unseen 4th Panel: The little girl does a backward kick flip off a food court trashcan, pulls a butterfly knife from her boot and uses it to draw a unicorn in Josh’s small intestine without removing the organ from his body. During the autopsy, the coroner was shocked at her skill with a blade. With respects to both murder and magical horsey drawing.

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I mentioned this on Twitter, but at no point during Kick Ass does the titular character actually kick anyone’s ass. He wails on a few guys with his Ass-Batons (I assume he uses that naming convention, as in “Bat-A-Rang” and “Spider-Roomba”), but they are all able to flee the scene asses quit intact. It could be argued that the mutual KO between Mr. Ass and a particular villain during the climactic battle of the film is an “ass kicking,” though I would suggest the double lights-out was more of a mistake on each participants part that any sort of intentional ass-kickery.Continue reading