Identity Disk Jockeys

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Preorder HijiNKS ENSUE Book 2!!!Going to see TRON: Legacy tonight. Some of you think it sucks (or SARKs),  and some of you think it was a religious experience. I’ll let you know what I think via Twitter after the show. I really hope it’s great, though I can’t get past how creeped out I am by CG enyoungened Jeff Bridges. That’s some real Polar Express type shit there.
Fancy Bastards Jeffrotull and CoveredWagon Kid sent me something amazing. The PO Box is on the contact page if you want to try to outdo them (I doubt anyone can).

Some of you have asked, so I put up an Amazon wish list.

Discuss your thoughts on TRON in the comments, but let’s keep it spoiler free since it is still opening weekend.