Condiment Courtesy

Ketchup in the fridge people are no better than sock-shoe, sock-shoe people

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A Danger To Himself and Society

It’s abundantly clear this takes place on Death Row, right? Like, none of you assumed this guy was just in Max, right? Regular Death Row inmates that just wore their mom’s skin as a sun dress and made a trombone out her bones stay on Death Row for years and years, going through multiple appeals and lengthy legal proceedings. This sock-shoe, sock-shoe guy is promptly getting all of his blood replaced with poison Tuesday after next. People need to feel safe in their homes. American citizens need to be able to sleep at night, knowing that everyone they encounter is a sock-sock, shoe-shoe person, be they minister or murderer, doctor or decapitator.

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SHARKSPLODERS: Who else belongs in a cell with this sock-shoe, sock-shoe monster?