Where You Lead, I Will Follow

There are multiple truths in this comic. A) I have been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls reruns, both on TV and Netflix, lately. The reruns on TV just hit the sweet spot where Lorelai has the inn open and she starts dating Luke and Emily and Richard are separated and Rory starts an affair with Dean and Lain realizes she has feelings for Zach and… it’s a really great show. Great characters, GREAT writing, just really excellent TV. Anyone that tells you different has never loved, been loved or is probably a replicant. And B) I cannot tell you how often I have forgone watching a movie in superior 1080p HD image quality because my Blu-rays were “all the way over there” and Netflix was exactly where my ass was.

Sharksplode is closing forever just after Thanksgiving. Some of the more popular shirts will be integrated into the new HE store, but about half won’t be. So if you want something from Sharksplode, now is the time to get it.

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