Myth Busted

The Djin spends the first 30 minutes begging Perseus to wish for all the sand to be replaced with cocaine then another 45 minutes riffing non sequiturs and doing a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.
I didn’t see Clash Of The Titans, nor to I plan to. The onslaught of overwhelmingly negative comments on twitter (from people and trusted and from strangers) was enough to make me save my rare trip to the moving picture theatre for Kick Ass. Feel free to share your impressions of the movie in the comments, and I will share the tweets what were share with me by you Fancy Bastards. SHARING! [share]
  • @Kwago Clash of Titans was like a big budget episode of Xena. But worse, because it didn’t have Xena. Aiaiaiaiaiai!!
  • @dopefish3d Clash of the Titans. Blech. If you must, do NOT go 3D. It was wretchedly done.
  • @robotboots More like Clash of the Suck Balls

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