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Baltimore Comic Con

I will be in the Artist Alley at table A164 with Fancy Bastard Alex (Mechamenchi) at my side. Baltimore FB meetup will be Saturday night August 28th around 7:30 or 8pm. We will meet up outside the convention center and go to an eating establishment within walking distance. 4 or 5 of you have already said you’d be coming, but the more the fancier. Please comment below of you think you will be able to make it.

Follow me on TWITTER for updates on the Meetup as we get the plans finalized.

I was thinking about Star Trek: The Next Generation (because I was awake) and I posed this question to my followers on Twitter: “Did every series after TOS strive to fill the same roles as the original with character analogs (Spock-> Data-> Doctor+Tuvok), or did each of the series create characters that fit existing archetypes from modern story telling, tv, movies, etc?”

I got a lot of great responses and I have my own theories, but I’d like to open the question to the greater Fancy Bastards at large. So for your COMMENT CHALLENGE, please feel free to expand on the question above or offer more details about what TNG with Snipes would be like. I know for a fact he would refer to the Jefferies tubes as “Snipes’ Pipes.” Inversely he would call his bong a Jefferies Tube.

Apples And Roddenberries

Hey, look! Here’s a comic about buying a computer that used to belong to the guy that created Star Trek. I’m too tired to make funny words to go with it, but it will probably be a two-parter so check back Friday for the conclusion [unless I decide to do something else].

I know the comics schedule has been crazy unpredictable lately, and for that I’m sorry. Believe me that I am the person MOST frustrated by the situation. Finishing the book and getting ready for my first real con has taken up nearly every ounce of my focus for the last month. Today was my wife’s birthday and I spent the whole day making a comic. The comic was late so that makes me a crappy husband AND a crappy cartoonist.

Speaking of cons, please check out my post about my upcoming appearances in Baltimore, MD and Austin, TX. I am getting super excited (read: extraordinarily worried) about graduating from “faceless internet person of slight interest” to a “hey look there’s an internet person sitting behind that table let’s go poke him” person. I’ve been frantically practicing drawing on REAL paper (something I haven’t done regularly in almost a decade) in anticipation of doing con sketches. Follow me on Twitter to see the sketches I’ve been doing lately.

I hope to be doing a handful of cons next year. These first few outings are really just practice. For instance, I dropped a cashwad on shirts for Baltimore not knowing if it’s even the sort of con where people buy shirts. Expect a fire sale after the con if they sell poorly at the show. I’ll also be debuting a 4 pack of HE buttons and, of course, the book.

BOOK NOTE FOR MARYLAND PEOPLES: If you ordered the book already, or if you order it between now and Oct. 1st and you are going to be at Baltimore Comic-Con AND you want to pick up your book there please email store (At) hijinksensue(dot)com.

SPECIAL THANKS: to the server samurai at Infinistorm for the ridiculously smooth transition to my new souped up server. I have never worked with more accessible, reliable and honest server geeks. They specialize in custom app development, web design and VPS hosting. If you live in Indianapolis they will meet with you and buy you a puppy.