Setting The Mood

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I will put up with pretty much anything to get a great service for free. I have ALLLLMOST pulled the trigger on Spotify Premium a dozen or so times, but I always end up asking myself, “Are the ads, that bad? Do I really need one more bill?” Turns out the ads aren’t so much “that bad” as they are often “innapropriate” for “trying to have” some of the “sex.” Hell, I JUST signed up for Amazon Prime after months of doing to the math to see how much I typically spend on shipping with Amazon each year. The answer was “none.” I spend none dollars on shipping with Amazon because I always opt for Free Super-Saver Shipping and the impossibly long wait that comes with it. Eventually you have to weight he cost/benefit of not having to wait two weeks for your new angled USB adapter to show up at your doorstep and NOT being coitally interrupted by rootin’ tootin’ car commercials. Treat yo’ self every once in a while.

COMMENTERS: What free service do you use that you still refuse to upgrade to the premium version? Is it the cost, or that you just don’t care enough about alleviating the minor inconveniences. What made you finally pull the trigger to the paid version?