Unsupervised Whiners



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Someone must have gotten them wet and fed them after midnight, because when Explosm (who used to handle my merch) moved warehouses, they found another box of Lil’ Wils.

I know I’ve said this 3 or 4 times in the past, but this is really it. These are the last ones. The old warehouse is completely empty and no more will ever be made. I promise. They are still half price. Just $10 while they last!


emerald city comicon 2015
I will be at booth 110 with my con-wife David Willis. I will have old prints, NEW PRINTS and THE SKETCH-A-MATIC! Come see me, and bring me booze and cookies as is our tradition. (There is a helpful map of various Hiveworks webcomics at ECCC here.)

I used to be a boss. A manager, really. It was one of the least rewarding, most frustrating experiences of my life. I love teaching, and I love mentoring, but all the love and joy of the teacher/student process are just sucked into oblivion for me and I have to start dealing with things like “I need to get off an hour early,” “I have a problem with my cube mate,” and “I am simply too dumb to carry out the simple set of tasks you have laid out before me, despite your very clear instructions and the fact that I have performed these same tasks (poorly) dozens of times.”

It was a learning experience, in that I learned that I should never ever ever ever manage a team of underpaid, 20-something dumb-dumbs ever again. Especially if the thing we are collectively doing is a thing none of us particularly care about. I like being in a leadership role, but I need to actually be passionate about the goal and working with competent, enthusiastic people who bring their own special skills and creativity to the table. Where I fail is at giving a shit or even a collection of shits about the reasons young people with $100K in student debt can’t just fucking download the website via FTP before they work on it so they don’t overwrite the changes someone else did earlier in the week when they upload THEIR changes! Fucking Christ, Todd, I swear to shit you are as dumb as a bucket of who gives a fuck.

COMMENTERS: Do you need to be supervised and managed, or do you need to be left the butts alone to get your damn work done? Are you a boss? For PEOPLE?! Gross. Stop that.