Deus ExPLAIN That, Why Don’t Ya?

It felt really good to draw some robots today. I mean, I do enjoy drawing my HijiNKS ENSUE characters, but none of them really have tank treads for legs. Wait… yeah, none of them do. Not yet. I think it’s comforting to know that 10,000 years after The Machine War, when humanity isn’t even a memory, people (artificial or otherwise) will still be arguing about dumb shit.

Special thanks to Sharksploder @donaltdelay for inspiring the “abacus” line over twitter.

Wednesday June 3 was my birthday and, as tradition demands, my “birthday” encompasses the week before and two weeks after the actual date of my birth. Who am I to buck tradition? A guy with a 3 week and one day long birthday, that’s who! If you would like to make me VERY happy, and you aren’t interested in things like becoming a Patron, donations or Amazon wishlists, how about you SHARE THE FUCK out of this comic (or any of the other comics)? Pretty please? Let’s get some more Sharksploders in these comic infested waters.

SHARKSPLODERS: Which other designers of products, systems and websites belong in SUPER HELL? How about the guy that invented the phone tree at your internet service provider?