Two Thumbs Deep

Way deep!

Disney owns a movie review show called “At the Movies with Ebert and Roeper.” This year they decided not to renew Roeper’s contract, and in turn Ebert quit (which is odd considering he hasn’t appeared on the show in 2 years do to health problems). So what? Disney is continuing the show without them.

WTF Mickey? It’s not like I have any personal feelings for the show. I am being very serious when I say that there is NO reason to sit through a 30 minute program just to hear what two guys think about 4 movies when you can get on the internet and read 10 or 15 unbiased reviews of ANY movie in 2-3 minutes. The show was a dinosaur. Cancel it. Who cares? But to continue the property without the talent for whom it is named just seems pointless. Is there really so much value in the name “At The Movies“? Did anyone even know that was the show’s name, or did they think it was called “Ebert and Roeper“? Before this incarnation, did anyone know the actual name of the show with “Siskel and Ebert“?

I have a better idea. Wipe the slate clean and call your new show “Two Random Shit Grins Enthusiastically Endorse Movies That  Are Owned by The Walt Disney Corporation and/or its Affiliates for 30 Minutes“. Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? Honestly I put zero stock in the words of any mainstream reviewer. There’s a reason these idiots call “National Treasure 2: The Receding Hairline of Doom” “Breathtaking” and “Action Packed!” These are the same fuck factories that tried to convince an unassuming geek populace to see “Indianna Jones and the Curse of the  Fallen Franchise” by calling it “Thoroughly Viewable!” and “Wonderfully Available!

UPDATE: Ebert Blogs about his departure.