HijiNKS ENSUE Is On Patreon!

The 6 year anniversary of The Experiment is just around the corner and, as of yesterday, I have officially begun my next phase of it… it being The Experiment… ANYWAY I STARTED A PATREON! 

HijiNKS ENSUE Patreon

It’s just like the monthly donation subscriptions I’ve always done with Paypal, but now you don’t HAVE to use Paypal, and I have a cool backend for managing rewards and such. It’s also got a bit of Kickstarter peppered in for good measure, in that there are rewards tiers for donations and milestone goals that unlock more comics, more content and more awesome along the way.

Don’t have time to read all of this? Watch the video I made explaining everything. It’s only 3.5 minutes and my adorable Kiddo steals the show.

HijiNKS ENSUE Patreon Video

Pledge at $3, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 a month and you will be supporting me being able to do what I love for a living: Making comics.

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The Vault of Secret Awesome is Here!

If you’ve been following The Experiment you know that HijiNKS Ensue is now my full time job. Thus I am at least mildly interested in making a full time living from this endeavor.

To further that end I have (finally) launched my donation incentives site The HijiNKS Ensue Vault of Secret Awesome.

The Hijinks Ensue Vault of Secret Awesome

Every donation will get you access to:

  • Desktop Wallpapers
    (New Desktops Each Month!)
  • Behind the Scenes Art
    and Blog Entries
  • Works in Progress
  • Original Sketches/ Concept Art
  • Exclusive Audio & Video
  • Contests and Giveaways

If you have already donated you’ll be getting an email with a password to access The Vault. Also, considering the month’s almost over I’ll be using the same password from now through July.

I’ve posted a few cool behind the scenes things on the vault, as well as desktops, and will be adding to it all through out the month. If you have ideas for Vault content feel free to drop me a line.

You can learn more about how Donations fit into the HijiNKS Ensue Experiment here on the new Donations Page.

If you enjoy any part of HijiNKS Ensue (the comic, the blog, the forum, the podcast or the videos) and you want to show your support, please consider donating through Paypal.

Support HijiNKS Ensue with your Donation!

Update on Donations and Super Secret Blog

Here’s a piece of the original sketch from Monday’s comic:

I’ll be showing off more rough art, unpublished ideas, and complete orignal comic sketches (before the comics go live) on the Super Secret Blog that only HijiNKS Ensue Donators will have access too. I’m working on this now and hope to have it all squared away this week. Anyone that has EVER donated to HE in the past will have access to this content as if they donated the month it goes live.

It’s going to work like this: if you make a donation, you’ll get a password emailed to you that will give you access to the Super Secret Blog (need to pick a name for this). You’ll be able to view all the content from the beginning up through the month that you donated. The password will change each month. If you donate the last few days of the month, you WILL get next month’s password.

I’ll be posting: 

  • Unfinished/Rough Art for comics, books and shirts, etc
  • Monthly Desktop Backgrounds
  • Videos and Audio that won’t be seen on HijiNKSEnsue.com
  • Behind the scenes blog posts and such
  • Various contests, drawings and other fun stuff

Remember, Donations are just that… donations. If you want to buy something valued equal to that of your monetary expenditure, please visit the store. If you want to help support me for making the comic, the podcast, the video blog, the forum, etc, etc, etc. then please consider donating. The Super Secret Blog and extra content will serve only as incentives or “thank you’s” for your generous contributions, and are not intended to be any sort of subscription based premium content.

Regardless, I’ll be playing this by ear and listening to your suggestions and feedback. Hopefully this will turn into a fun part of the HE experience, and help allow me to continue making the comic/podcast/etc. by supporting myself with these endeavors

Oh, I met an HE reader (that I didnt already know) for the first time. We were at a karaoke party hosted by FarrisG. He was a damn fine singer and had shoes with toes… like barefoot shoes.