Persons Of Interest

COMMENTERS: What character in fiction who was a person of color, different orientation, different background, different… interest really opened your eyes or made a difference in your life?

One that really sticks out to me was Hedwig, played by John Cameron Mitchell, from Hedwig And the Angry Inch. I saw that movie when I was in my early 20’s and still suffering from some residual homophobia. I thought gay people were great, but actual, real, dude-to-dude romance was gross. Hedwig just melted my heart with an amazing and universal love story, and told that story with music that became extremely meaningful and important to me. That story and those songs were so honest and so correct about love, alienation, rejection, freedom, identity and what it means to be a human person on Earth that I quickly forgot they were written from the perspective of a biological man, living as a woman, in love with another man. It wasn’t gay love. It was just love. It was the same thing I felt, and it flipped a switch in my head and my heart that I’d spent most of my life trying to keep un-flipped.

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