Tesla Uncoiled Prints And More Prints And More!

GAH! My store (and everything else hosted on Blind Ferret’s servers) got massively hacked! Every day the store is down means money (that I depend on to meet my monthly obligations) out of my pocket. Since I have no ETA on when the main HE store will be back up, I am offering the a new “TESLA UNCOILED” print (signed by me) for sale here in my makeshift Print Shop.


It’ll be on presale for about a week, and ship before I leave for JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 on Feb 9th.

You can also grab some of my most popular large prints for only $15 while you’re at it!


Bigger Better Comic Prints Are In The Store!

NEWS! Super giant HE comic prints are available at Topatoco now!
HijiNKS ENSUE Comic Prints

I’ve always thought my comics looked at least 60% better when viewed at a larger size. Now when you buy a comic print you can get them at the size I actually draw them! No more secret pixels that only I know about. Also, when you click “Buy A Print” beneath a comic it will autofill the URL of the comic in your order. Pretty cool stuff.

Just so you know, this is relative size difference between the web art you see on the site and the size of the art on the new prints:Continue reading

Ordering Shirts and Prints Today

I’m ordering shirts and prints in a couple of hours, so now is a great time to order something if you want to receive it with as little wait as possible.

Head over to the STORE before 5pm central or so and you should get in under the wire.

A few of you have noticed a new option on the DONATIONS page, where upon you can “subscribe” your donation. This means that you can support HijiNKS Ensue with an automatic donation each month.

The Experiment is coming soon to an end and the future of HE is quite unsure. If you enjoy this comic, the forum, the podcast or anything else I put out there and you want to see it continue, please consider starting a subscription donation, or making a store purchase.

Speaking of the Store, I’m working on adding “Custom Avatars” right now. They should be available for purchase soon.

A few of you have asked for a Denise “CATONMYFACE” shirt. If there is enough interest, I will make one. Just let me know.

Thanks, guys.